Wonderful Tour at Mount Herzel – Day Two of the Holy Land Tour

The founder of Christ Embassy, or LoveWorld Inc., has commenced his once in a lifetime and world-famous Bible Tour in the Holy Land. The trip began on Thursday May 10th and will be completed on May 18th. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has organized an outstanding trip for the hundreds of followers of the Christ Embassy and has given them a humbling and gracious experience in Israel. The spiritual journey explores the depths of Christianity and its historic representation in the holiest land of them all, the Land of Israel.

Pastor Chris: “Israel is more open because its a democracy, unlike its neighbors”

The Pastor landed yesterday in Ben Gurion Airport and traveled straight to the holiest city in all of Israel, Jerusalem. It was at that moment that he felt it was appropriate to visit the Southern Steps, located near the Western Wall, where he began his ministration, welcoming his supporters to the Holy Land. The spirit and intensity of Christ could be felt on the Steps, it was a momentous experience. Pastor Chris led his people with such grace and poise, preaching the Word of the Lord and delivering the message Jesus worked so hard to spread.

On Friday the 11th of May, Pastor Chris began his day in appropriate fashion, visiting the Herzl museum, dedicated to the founder of the Zionist movement, Theodore Herzl. Following the museum’s visit, the Pastor was then guided to the Palmach museum in Tel Aviv, which honors the Elie Fighting Force of the Hagana, which was an underground military organization. The Pastor reported that he was incredibly moved by the heroic achievements of both groups of individuals who fought for their religion and the existence of their Land. This was an inspiring experience for the Pastor, has he been reminded of the importance of having strong faith.

Pastor Chris:”20% of young Jewish people believe that Jesus is the Messiah”

Pastor Chris then treated the hundreds of followers to a massive lunch in one of Tel Aviv’s finest restaurants. The tour group will then be lead back to Jerusalem where he will visit other sites in the outskirts of Jerusalem and prepare in the hotel for the Holy Sabbath. Pastor Chris and the whole delegation will then bring in the holiest day of the week, surrounded by hundreds of Jews in an uplifting and elevating experience.

For those who were unable to join in on this miraculous journey they are able to watch live on all LoveWorld channels and outlets, where photos and videos will be featured. Pastor Chris has been incredibly generous in organizing this a Bible Tour for his supporters and showing them the light of the Lord and His power through each biblical artifact of the country of Israel.

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