God Is Doing a Great Work

Since 2001, the Rhapsody of Realities Daily Devotional has rapidly spread throughout Christian communities worldwide. The all-encompassing ‘guide’ to a stronger and more intentional spiritual journey is described by many as a “love note from God to you with the message of life”. Each copy comes complete with topics and confessions for every day, messages, reading plans, and theme scriptures, bringing a richness of God’s Word right to you, wherever you are.

We are sometimes so eager to get to church week after week that we either put everything off until then, or we may rely on the pastor to give us the understanding of the scripture and how to apply it to our lives. With your own copy of Rhapsody of Realities, you do not have to wait until Sunday morning to go deeper into the Word of God.

If you have yet to purchase your personal copy of the Rhapsody of Realities Daily Devotional, what are you waiting for? God wants to take you deeper and there is no time worth wasting. Allow this daily reading to transform your life.

The last year of 2018 has been a year of praying and believing for the resources to have Rhapsody of Realities printed and distributed in 1,000 languages. Could it be that in this day and age, it is not the laborer’s and the harvest that are lacking, but the translation of biblical resources? God wants to do so much MORE, and He has!

The question is not whether God will answer our prayers or not, the question we must ask ourselves is if we are praying BIG enough. Are we praying with great faith and expectation that God will give us more than we could ever think of asking? After all, He knows what we need better than we even do. Imagine the great and mighty ways that God plans on answering our prayers that are so according to His will and close to His heart? God has been answering huge prayers while blessing the work and diligence of so many at Christ Embassy, and in the Love World Community.

With all thanks to the countless saints throughout the world who have answered the call to give and support, the Rhapsody of Realities Devotional has been successfully translated into 1,000 languages! (1,004 – to be exact, with more on their way to be added regularly) This daily devotional has the potential to inspire, challenge, and encourage readers in quite literally all corners of the earth. How amazing the provision of the Lord is!

The work of the Lord is never-ending and never complete. Continue to join us in prayer for this amazing and transformational resource to reach the countless others throughout the world needing and hoping to grow deeper in all that the Lord has for their lives.

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