Does Entertainment Belong in The Church?

Martin PK and Eben recently got together in the Loveworld USA studios to discuss an interesting topic that relates to the church.


The two raised the question; Is entertainment good for the church? As leading artists in Christ Embassy, these two had a lot say about the matter. Martin PK expressed how important it is to do things in the name of God and not to “lead people out of the church.”

“I think there is definitely room for entertainment…there is nothing sinister about it if it’s not misguided or misdirected, what it is in line for, is it giving glory to God?” This can be a tricky question as modern entertainment tends to be unsavory or can often involve subjects that conflict with Christian ideas. Entertainment, however, is a very important part of life.

Eben added that there is certainly room for brevity in the church, referencing a line in the bible “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh.” The gospel singer also talked about stand-up comedian Bishop Chikancy.

Bishop Chikancy
Bishop Chikancy

The Christian comedian uses the word of God in his comedy. Chikancy often uses humor to convey the gospel to millions of people, perfectly combing inspiring messages and good humor. This was a good example of healthy entertainment within the bounds of the church!

The two gospel artists are firm believers in bringing entertainment to church and the Christian world in general. These two LIMA winners are famous for lighting up their millions of fans in the Loveworld Ministry. Their music has entertained, moved and inspired many people around the world. The artists both stressed the value of entertainment that carries the word of God. Eben and Martin PK both said that there is room for entertainment in the “House of God.”

“As long as “it is in the compass, in the parameters of reason… it is beautiful.”

Christ Embassy entertainers
Christ Embassy entertainers

Christ Embassy puts a huge emphasis on culture and entertainment. The man of God has nurtured countless gospel musicians, dancers, spoken word artists and many other entertainers and artists from different mediums.

The annual LIMA awards celebrate this aspect annually and give awards to the many talented artists that make up the Loveworld Ministry. Just recently at the 2018 LIMA awards, Pastor Chris said that “no music concert in the world makes sense without the talents from here.”

Watch the full talk below.