Youth Outreach Around The World

In the lesson Pastor Chris taught us in “Rhapsody of Realities” he says,” He’s given us the authority, and commissioned us to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. So, enlarge your vision and increase your passion to make the Gospel known, getting others ready for the Master’s return.” The young people of the Global Youth Leaders Forum(GYLF) are starting in 2020 in a perfect way.

In the ‘Year of Perfection,’ Pastor Chris prophecized that this year will be a harvest of souls.  The members of the GYLF have been out in the community and winning souls. Already the GYLF Ghana had three outstanding ambassadors host extracurricular school activities. They called these activities the ”Talent Hunt”.

Activities in schools

At the start of the outreach, they prayed with the pupils. They followed this by an inspiring sermon.  The students affirmed, ” I’m blessed”. This positive start heralded activities such as dancing, singing, drumming, scripture recitals and, drawing. A total of 286 students participated.

The pupils and students chose the best three participants. The star performers were given books, pens, erasers, pencils and other gift items as an incentive for their outstanding performance. The pupils and students were enthused and enriched by the activities. The Headmistress and the coordinator praised the activities of the GYLF as it has encouraged and increased student’s motivation.

Reaching out in the slums

GYLF outreach in India

GYLF ambassador reached out to children in the slum in Mumbai. Motivated by God’s love and compassion, Ambassador Pooja from India reached out to children in the slum. She took the time to share inspiring and educating bible stories with the kids. She also led them in some faith proclamations and they boldly confessed who they are in Christ. Ambassador Pooja concluded her visit with an art activity allowing the children to express themselves in their drawings. The excitement and impact these children felt is priceless.

New places to preach the Gospel

The vision and passion for winning souls means the GYLF keeps spreading the Good News into new cities, villages, towns, provinces, states. Ambassadors of the forum continue to reach young people everywhere. Ambassadors Camila and Daniela reached out to the city of Aymara, Columbia with the Gospel. They went preaching the word of God with confidence and the people received the message with joy and delight. This led many to Christ as they recited the prayer of salvation in harmony. Truly, the harvest is plenty and the laborers are plenty. Glory to God!

Spreading the Gospel in Columbia

Leading prayers

GYLF members and chapters are participating in the 2020 Edition of the Pray-A-Thon with Pastor Chris GYLF Ambassadors from Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Senegal, Lesotho, Pakistan, India, DR Congo and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were seen making power available at the ongoing Pray-A-Thon with Pastor Chris.

The prayer we should meditate on at the conclusion of “Rhapsody of Realities,’ is thus:-


“Righteous Father, what a great and glorious God you are! And what joy to anticipate Christ’s glorious return! All my energies and passion are focused on doing your will and turning the unrighteous from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, making them citizens of your eternal Kingdom, where eternal life reigns, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

May we all have the strength and zeal for soul-winning like the young people. The Christian spirit they extol is wonderful and a true benefit to the global community. To find out more about the Global Youth Leaders Forum click here.

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