‘Your LoveWorld Special’ Season 2 Continues with Phase 3

Due to the enormous success of the Second phase of Season 2 of ‘Your LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris’ phase 3 will be starting next week. The Christ Embassy leader has announced a third phase to his second season of daily prayers starting on Monday, July 27th and lasting until Friday, July 31st, bringing the Month of Productivity to a close.

The last season of this prolific series, witnessed a remarkable impact with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, heralded by the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome  to billions of participants across the globe. People of all ages, social status, race and even from other religions, participated in the previous episodes of the program. Many received salvation and healing for their bodies as Pastor Chris, ministered by the power of the Holy Ghost, emphasized the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Reports of victory over the global COVID-19 pandemic and the reopening of several nations, also came about as a result of fervent prayers for the nations led by Pastor Chris.

This latest episode of ‘Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris’ has already been hailed as a period of glorious worship to God, with fervent prayers and enlightening teachings by Pastor Chris.

Following the enormous popularity of ‘Your LoveWorld’ prayer weeks, which started on the 27th of March, after Pastor Chris hosted the  Global Prayer Day against the Coronavirus, the praying and fasting have successfully been extended every week and Pastor Chris has demonstrated the importance of praying all together in the name of Jesus Christ. Prayer helps us to fight with the darkness of the world and elevate us to a higher level in God. The special ‘Your LoveWorld’ live broadcast with Pastor Chris has dominated the airwaves for weeks, and has brought great illumination, understanding of God’s Word and untold blessings to billions of viewers from around the world.

Season Of Productivity

In this season of productivity, as we step into this new dimension of grace, we’re full of gratitude to the Lord, as our prayers continue to produce extraordinary results in the realm of the spirit, and on a global scale, let’s keep the impact going as we get ready for an exciting new phase of our global prayers.

Pastor Chris teaches us that one of the many benefits of prayer is that it strengthens us against unbelief, to do God’s will. Unbelief isn’t only about not demonstrating faith for what you want from God. Unbelief is also a refusal to act as God said we should act. He goes on to explain that “There’s a difference between doing something because you “prayed” about it and doing something because God said so and that’s His will for you. The latter is the best and safest place to be; fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. Never find yourself doing things for which you think you don’t need God’s approval”. Pastor Chris also reminds us that “God’s Word in your mouth is God talking, so set things in order through your proclamations of faith, for the glory of the Father”.

‘Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris’ can be watched live on all LoveWorld networks, TV stations, LiveTV Mobile App, or CeFlix  at 7 PM GMT+1 next week.

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