Year Long Pray-a-Thon Brings Global Changes

As we begin a new day, the Pastor Chris Live year-long unbroken prayer chain has stretched well into it’s eighth month, with the offering of non-stop prayers. For over 224 days, since the inception of the Pray-a-Thon on the 6th of January 2020, participants of The Pastor Chris Live Global Prayer Network all over the world have continued fervently in prayers; establishing the will of God in all the nations of the world. Flowing with testimonies from the United Kingdom, Belgium, India, USA, Jordan and several other countries, the prayer marathon has reached more than 180 nations.

With a record of over 20,000 consecutive prayer sessions, amounting to more than 5000 hours in prayer, the voices of the saints have rung loud, making tremendous power available, and effecting desired changes in favor of the Gospel across the world.

The Beginning

Since the year 2010, The Pastor Chris Live global prayer network has operated and served as the fastest growing online prayer network. The practice of prayer is the foundation of the faith, as it is the very thing that brings us closer to God and His power working and moving in our lives. As prayers and glory go up, blessings always come down.

The first ever annual Pray-A-Thon began in June 2019 and impacted the world in such a meaningful way, it had to be repeated. God is always listening and He cares deeply for the cares of His children and the prayers coming out of LoveWorld, under the leadership of our Man of God, Pastor Chris fill the heavens from one side of the world to the next. Due to the enormous success of this first Pray-a-Thon, Pastor Chris introduced the year-long Pray-a-Thon in 2020. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Live Global Prayer Network continues to expand, engaging more prayer partners as the unbroken prayer chain continues with increased momentum beyond 220 days.

Positive Results

As a result of the prayers of the saints, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has witnessed phenomenal outspread across the nations of the world this year, reaching billions in the shortest time ever. With social isolation and an unsure economic future, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the act of praying is more important than ever and the proof of praying is in the outcome.

In several states and countries, churches which were prohibited from onsite worship, have been reopened for congregational services.  Certainly, these global changes have been seen as a consequence of the ceaseless prayers rendered by saints all over the world in the year-long prayer exercise.

As the largest prayer network currently, The Pastor Chris Live Global Prayer Network has stretched across continents, oceans, nationalities and denominations. It has engaged people from all races, color, walks of life, and age groups including children, in fervent and effectual prayers.

There is much power behind the prayers of one righteous person but imagine the power behind the prayers of many! We come together and join one another, in one heart and one spirit, to pray and seek the Lord and His will in certain things.

More inspiring testimonies from around the world are anticipated as the prayer chain continues till January 6th 2021, with increased momentum. Become a prayer partner with the Pastor Chris Live Global Prayer Network today. Visit to schedule a 15-minute prayer session with other Christians around the world and effect global changes through prayer.



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