What Does Thanksgiving Mean to the Followers of Pastor Chris?

As our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, declared this month of December to be the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’, let’s look back at the ‘Year of Preparation’ and give thanks for the myriad of blessings bestowed upon us and the many still to come.

Like in previous years in the LoveWorld nation, he named December the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’, the customary theme for December, and he urged the saints to be full of thanksgiving as he said: “The church of Jesus Christ is given authority in this age to glorify God through Jesus Christ, and for this, we must be thankful.”

Pastor Chris declared that “December is one of those months where you do not really need to ask, ‘What is the message of the month?’ because it is the Month of Thanksgiving. It is full of thanksgiving,” he told the audience at the Global Communion Service.

“This month, I was thinking of what is on the Father’s mind. And as I was thinking of that, this was brought to my spirit in the scripture, so I want to read it to you,” Pastor Chris continued to say, reading from Revelation 19:7:

“Let us be glad and rejoice and give honor to him.”

Last year our Man of God explained the difference between giving thanks and the theme of December, thanksgiving.

“Giving thanks and thanksgiving are not the same. You have to know that they are not the same. Giving thanks is thanking the Lord, expressing your appreciation… Thanksgiving is a term that you find in the Old Testament, it is revealed to us in the Old Testament,” Chris Oyakhilome said.

“It is different from thanking God… Thanksgiving is a term that is applied to a ceremony, and it is a special right in which you have the combination of the following: worship, confessions, sacrifices of praise, and with the thanksgiving offering… It is always accompanied by a thanksgiving offering. So, it is all put together. You read it all the way from the Old Testament,” the famous pastor explained.

Global Days of Prayer

Last weekend we welcomed the 8th edition of the life-transforming Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This was the first event of the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’. It was a non-stop 24-hours of prayer session from Friday till Saturday, and was the fourth one for this year, the ‘Year of Preparation’. Through the Global Day of Prayer, we constantly align the nations with God’s prophetic will, where billions of people around the world join our Man of God.

The Global Day of Prayer has become synonymous with comfort and hope ever since its inception in March 2020, for the participants around the world during the uncertain times of the COVID-19 global pandemic. In the last 18 months, we’ve effected remarkable changes, with much grace bestowed upon our world through prayer and our heavenly Father’s blessed response, and for this, we give thanks and gratitude for the power of prayer with Pastor Chris.

Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris

The popular ‘Your LoveWorld Special with Pastor Chris’ has also been a huge source of hope and comfort since its inception in March last year. The prayer sessions opened an avenue of blessings and outstanding testimonies in the lives of many around the world. Amid the ongoing socio-economic global crisis of COVID-19, it has remained a beacon of light and hope for all who were enraptured in fear.

Your LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris has proven to be the most-watched telecast across the globe, spanning over 20 months with over 160 episodes. On day one of the last phase, Pastor Chris surpassed all expectations when said: “Begin living the life you want to live, by the power of God. God is showing you a greater way to live, better opportunities. God will give you ideas.“

Pastor Chris’ Birthday

As billions of followers and admirers around the world celebrated his birthday, the reports of the Man of God, his ministry, and global impact dominated the news, commemorating the day that their beloved Pastor Chris was born in 1963.

On December the 7th the world read all about our Man of God taking the gospel to the millions unreached across the world, feeding the hungry, lifting the poor out of poverty in their millions, and fighting to preserve the body of Christ from attacks by end-time forces, commemorating this special day, and giving thanks to him. Participants all over the world came together to celebrate their teacher, Mentor, Life Coach, Prophet, God’s General, and God’s perfect gift to us and the world at large.

Upcoming Events

At the end of December, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome still has some significant events for the LoveWorld believers.

On Friday, the 24th of December, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be hosting the Christmas Eve Service, where we will celebrate the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ with moments of worship and praise.

The following week, on Friday the 31st of December, our Man of God will be joined by billions of participants from around the world for the special New Year’s Eve Service. It’s that special time of the Year when we hear the “Thus saith the Lord for the year 2022!”

Coinciding with the New Year’s Eve Service is the Future Africa Leaders’ Awards (FALA), the nomination show of which will be happening on Sunday the 19th of December.

Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation (FALF) describes the Future Africa Leaders’ Awards as “an initiative aimed at exploring and expanding the leadership potentials in Africa and for Africa. It is for identifying, celebrating and supporting young Africans who have demonstrated exemplary leadership by impacting their generation positively through education, youth empowerment and mentoring through other projects aimed at building young people and preparing them for a positive future.”

All in all, we have so much to be thankful for and so many blessings to acknowledge and be grateful for.



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