Welcome to the ‘Month of Truth’ with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

In the special Global Communion Service which coincided with Easter Sunday, the LoveWorld CEO, the esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips welcomed the global participants to the exceptional service recounting the impact of the recently concluded Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris which saw a groundbreaking record of over 5.3 billion participants across the globe and other impactful programs that were held in the month of March, the ‘Month of Change’.

The global service was streamed live from the LoveWorld Studios in Nigeria to an enormous global audience via the LoveWorld Networks and various internet platforms. The congregation offered heartfelt prayers of thanksgiving to God, and they also prayed for their expectations for the month of April in anticipation of the Word of the Month to be declared by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

April is the ‘Month of Truth’ Pastor Chris declared to the global congregation at the April Global Communion Service yesterday. “God is revealing His truth to you like never before and you are going to walk in truth.”

From Psalms 91:4 (KJV), “He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.” Pastor Chris explained that God’s truth protects, delivers, and saves us. We need to open our minds to God’s truth this month.

“This month is the Month of Truth, and God is revealing his truth to you like never before. And you are going to walk in truth. It is so important to walk in truth to understand truth. God’s truth protects you. God’s truth delivers you. God’s truth saves you. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Blessed be God.”

Pastor Chris went on to say: “Open your heart to truth this month. To His truth. Not circumstantial truth, no. Not truth from men. His truth for His truth shall be thy shield. It is the Month of Truth, and God’s truth will prevail. God’s truth will triumph, hallelujah. Spread His truth everywhere. Tell His truth to the untold.”

Truth as Described by Pastor Chris in Rhapsody of Realities

There’re certain kinds of communications permissible for Christians at the lower level of spiritual understanding. Genesis 1:16 talks about different lights: “And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.” Light stands for truth. So, there’re lesser truths and there’re greater truths.

“The more you delve into the Word of God, the more you realize that God is really not “doing” anything for anybody today in the sense that many understand it. He’s already done everything He needed to do; He has fulfilled everything in Christ Jesus! So, He’s not making any effort to heal you; He’s already done it! In certain kinds of meetings, we teach and preach the general truth, so the non-Christians present at such meetings could hear the Word of God, be blessed, and receive Christ. But at certain other meetings, we unveil the Word so God’s people can learn and put it to work for themselves; we move to the higher classes and show them the reality of God’s Word”.

Pastor Chris continued by saying: “Refuse to remain in the lower class, like the Corinthian Christians that the Apostle Paul chided for being carnal. Rather, transcend the babyhood stage of Christianity. Grow in Christ and increase in the knowledge of God’s Word! Grow and function at higher levels, for there’s a higher life in Christ!”

The Word works and has the power to change your life from glory to glory. However, you must know the Word and put it to work in your personal life for it to produce results for you.

That’s the reason for the teaching of the truth of God’s Word because when people become aware of the blessings of the Word, they’re able to embrace and walk in the reality of these blessings. The knowledge of the Word imparts faith and activates the power of the Word in your life: “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17).

Your LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris

On the second day of Phase 2, Season 3 of ‘Your LoveWorld Special’ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome expanded on the importance of your source of inspiration.

“God’s truth produces faith in you, it produces Love in your heart. If it doesn’t produce these, then it’s not God’s Word. If you feed on falsehood, you will live a lie. Don’t be deceived by all these cultural celebrations, because they are the worship of demons in disguise. The symbols often represented and the activities often carried out are demon-inspired. In those celebrations, you will never hear any reference made to Noah, Abraham, or Jesus Christ, but all these names are part of history too. As a Christian, don’t join these celebrations”.

Our Man of God also announced at the Global Service yesterday that Phase 3 of Season 3 of “Your LoveWorld Specials” would commence from the 12th  till the 16th of April, and he encouraged everybody to spread the good news everywhere for the benefit of all.

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