Welcome to the ‘Month of Praise’

As the global audience prepared to receive the Word of God for August, the congregation offered heartfelt worship to Him. The August Global Communion Service with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, started off with exhilarating worship to God as the LoveWorld Singers led in songs. The global service was hosted from the LoveWorld Studios in Lagos, Nigeria, and beamed live to a global audience via the LoveWorld Networks, terrestrial TV stations, and various internet platforms.

The man of God, Pastor Chris welcomed participants from around the world to the special service stating that it is a unique prayer and communion service. With the rendering of the song ‘Governments and Galaxies’ by the LoveWorld Singers as instructed by the man of God, the global congregation was set to offer prayers to God as Pastor Chris leads.

“It is a time to sing new songs unto the Lord in His congregation!” The dearly beloved man of God, Pastor Chris announced at the August 2021 Global Communion Service. He declared August at the ‘Month of Praise’ to the excitement of the millions of viewers, saying “that the Tabernacle/Temple was not designed for preaching or giving information. It was primarily a place for offering sacrifices; a place for God to receive their sacrifices. He further explained that in the New Testament, we are to offer sacrifices of praise with the fruit of our lips, giving thanks. What God wants is for us to offer sacrifices of praise this month of August.

“The world is heading into a season of polarisation,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared, “the realignment of the world which belongs to the perpetrators of covid-19 and the great reset will culminate in Revelations 17:12: ‘And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.’ The polarisation will come into place the same hour with the beast and people won’t even know the beast have come into power.” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome shared with billions of people who connected to the Global Service from all around the world.

The Man of God went on to say that “many leaders of nations have become voiceless today. However, this is the set time of God’s favor for the nations.”

He explained that many countries have been sold and their people don’t even know it. Many nations are just existing in name alone. The one-world government takes away the boundaries of nations. Countries are absorbed by the one-world government.  And this is the work of the Assyrians according to Isaiah 10:13.

‘This is war!!!’ declared Pastor Chris. “What God wants us to understand is that we are dealing right now with the Assyrian and his works.” The President of LoveWorld went on to expose and break down the modus operandi of the enemy, and deliver marching orders to the entire LoveWorld army.

Not the first ‘Month of Praise’

In November of last year, Pastor Chris announced at the monthly Global Communion Service that November was to be the ‘Month of Praise’ in the LoveWorld Nation.

“Praise is one of the most devastating weapons of war; it completely shatters the walls of the enemy” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Reading from Hebrews 13:15, “By him, therefore, let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name,” Pastor Chris urged God’s people to always have His praise on their lips because He deserves all the praise. He explained that one of the ways to praise God is to declare His excellences. Emphasizing the power of praise as a weapon of war, Pastor Chris stated that praise is one of the most devastating weapons of war; it completely shatters the walls of the enemy he asserted.

Recapping ‘Your LoveWorld Special’ Season 3, Phase 6

As we closed the latest ‘Your LoveWorld Special’ with Pastor Chris, after 5 days of live broadcasts ending the ‘Month of Joy’, let’s recap what our beloved Man of God taught us.

“There is no better Scientific document than the Word of God, which is the Bible.” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said. “The rapture is a fulfillment of the gospel according to the scriptures, whether you accept it or not, it is going to happen. Don’t pay heed to those trying to discourage or dissuade you from being ready and preparing for the second coming of Christ. There is a claim that Jesus was mentally and psychologically abnormal and went about infecting others with Christianity”.

“There is an understanding, an appreciation of the Word, and a perspective of truth that the apostles had that you must have also,” Pastor Chris explained, “Jesus didn’t come to make your dreams come true. You’re the one to live for Him, not Him living to satisfy you. The recognition of truth is the activation of truth; the recognition of truth is believing in it and declaring it.”


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