Unending Praise with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

We are entering a period of unending praise with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The President of LoveWorld revealed at the May Global Communion Service that the month of June would be the ‘Month of Unending Praise’.

Pastor Chris explains the power of praise

“When you praise the Lord from your heart in the beauty of holiness, the result is a divine explosion of glory. Praise and worship the Lord in the face of daunting challenges, and His glory will be manifested on your behalf,” Pastor Chris explains to his global audience.

“If you desire a miracle today, whether it’s in your job or finances or even trouble at work; or perhaps it has to do with your health or that of a loved one; whatever it is, as an act of faith, set this matter before you, and begin to sing songs of praise in the spirit and also in your understanding again and again, as the Spirit gives you utterance. By this act of faith, you’re invoking the power of the mighty God—the most High God—over the matter before you,” he continues to say.

“You don’t have to say much. Don’t talk about the thing that’s been bothering you; keep your focus on the Lord, as you sing and dance to the Lord, chanting verses of praise to extol His majesty, the power of God will surge through your being. Don’t stop at this time; as the inspiration increases, speak in tongues again and again, until you have a note of victory.”

The Man of God confirms that no matter what the case is, such worship will be followed by the miraculous. Rather than feel downcast, helpless or overwhelmed when you face challenges, employ the worship and praise strategy; the power of God’s Spirit will be stirred, and you’ll have a testimony.

In the current study of ‘Praise with Understanding’, Pastor Chris tells us that there has to be content in our Praise. We have to say what we are thankful for.

Pastor Chris told the LoveWorld believers in the past; “Praising God is a spiritual sacrifice. It’s an offering. It’s something that you actually give to God. Our praises have spiritual significance. They don’t come to God as songs. In heaven, these songs don’t sound like songs. They have a meaning. They come as incense to Him.”

Praising God is a Spiritual Sacrifice

We express profuse praise to God each time we gather together for Praise Night with Pastor Chris. In previous editions of these praise programs, we have been inspired by enriching fellowship with the Lord. Rapturous moments of true praise have been experienced in these unique meetings.

Pastor Chris explained in past ministerings that God intended for His people to be people of praise. “When we praise God, we’re positioned where we ought to be,” he emphasized, encouraging the global audience to offer heartfelt thanksgiving to God.

This month is yet another opportunity to offer unending praise to God with pour Man of God, Pastor Chris.

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