Today:Christmas Eve Service with Pastor Chris!

This holiest service of the year will be led by the man of God himself, Pastor Chris.


Christmas Eve is upon us and it is without a doubt my most favorite and meaningful holiday of the year, an opinion that is shared with millions of Christians around the world around.

Last year’s session was an absolutely unforgettable experience. Thousands gathered in their most festive attire of red, white and green at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena to join the man of the hour for a memorable Christmas Eve Service.

Last year’s session

The event kicked off with the angelic Christ Embassy choir singing beautiful Christmas carols. Their uplifting harmonies filled the hearts of the thousands of attendants reinforcing theme with the Lord’s love.

LMAM artistes like Sinach, PeeYuu, Sophiya, Pastor Saki, Obi Shine, and others, were inspired to give their utmost gratitude to God for the blessed year.

The festivities played on, all in celebration of the special moment to come. As the eager congregants waited in anticipation for the LW President, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, longing to receive God’s Word from his lips, he appeared. The crowds welcomed the man of God with roars of excitement, and the appearance of the president filled the room with total ecstasy.

Pastor Chris sang carols with everyone before delving into his stirring session, ‘Who is Jesus?’ After which he discussed three vital points about our Lord and Savior.

The 3 Vital Points

1. Jesus is ‘the Word Incarnate’. This is what the man of God revealed in the scriptures. He taught that a man’s word is the expression of His thoughts, opinions, and ideas, saying that “when it came to God’s thoughts and views and opinions and ideas and His will to be personified, the result was the man — Jesus!”

2. ‘Jesus, the Expression of God’s Person’ Pastor Chris explained from Hebrews 1:3 that the Master is vitally the brightness of the Father’s glory and the express image of His person.

3. His final point was on the person of Jesus was that He is ‘the Glory of the Father’! “[Jesus] and “is the perfect personification of the abstract idealism of God,” Pastor Chris stated that by identifying with, we can grow to love and adore the Lord even more.

This is the holiest holiday of the year, a time that is filled with magical festive spirit and sacred sentiments. It is imperative to attend the special annual service. For some more inspiration, enjoy some brilliant quotes of our man of God from this past Loveworld staff awards:

Some inspirational quotes

“Don’t just be a team that works together, be a team that prays together!”

“2018, it’s all green… Declare always that Christ is my wisdom. I’m wise with the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God at work in me. Divine excellence is at work in me!”

“Take Church attendance as a priority. It is very easy for people who love the Lord to become careless and casual with spiritual things. Are you still reading the Bible? Do you take Church attendance seriously…be careful of leaving spiritual things as if they are not important.”

“Remain passionate! David said, my heart is after your house always. Let the house of God be your place of joy. Make it so!”

“Train yourself, train yourself to be in the house of God.”

Halleluiah! And God bless!

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