Three Weeks to Go for the 2018 ISMMNC: What to Expect?


Can you feel the excitement in the air? Have you been noticing your pastor in your Christ Embassy church talk about the upcoming ISMMNC? Or are you a minister in search of a conference that will help you lead your faith community to higher spiritual levels. Regardless, it is an exciting time since the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference (ISMMNC) with Pastor Chris is coming up in only three weeks.

The conference is running for the 7th consecutive year, with raging success and powerful testimonies from participants. This year the 2018 ISMMNC will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa (April 30th – May 2nd). Chris Oyakhilome is the Pastor behind this wonderful event and is also the founder and soul of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. (BLW). This annual event is one you can’t miss.

Just like in the previous years, the conference will be a global event bringing ministers from different countries and continents to learn how to lead the Lord’s Word. ISMMNC is a place to receive divine insight from the Holy Spirit, and then spread the gospel of Jesus Christ back in their home countries. Last year the conference marked a noteworthy milestone with 5,000 ministers from over 165 countries. The attendance for this year’s event is expected to exceed well over those numbers, proving the amazing impact and effectiveness this networking event has on women and men of God.

The three-day conference aims to equip ministers of God with teaching from the Bible as well as the spiritual tools to face an impact the kingdom of God. A generous distribution of blessings and tips for a successful life and ministry will be available throughout the event. The experience will provide the participant the unique opportunity to be transformed, improved and upgraded to achieve successful results in their churches and nations.

The best part? The conference is totally free of charge and is open to Pastors, leaders and church workers. The teachings, seminars, and engaging activities are specially designed to meet the needs of all ministers of Christ. Previous participating pastors testifies how captivating, inspiring, and highly impactful the seminars and gatherings are in the ISMMNC.

The best part is the straightforward teachings of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome throughout the event. He gracefully manages to transfer the gospel in simplicity with the power of the Holy Spirit. These teachings empower delegates to carry the message of eternal life in Christ Jesus to their world, demonstrating miracles and works of God.

Pastors testify about their experiences:

Pastor Martins Tirons (Latvia)
“I attended the ISM Ministers’ Network Conference for the first time in 2016. As I sat in the midst of the sea of ministers of the Gospel lifting up their hands in one accord, I experienced the love and power of God in such a profound way. What I received will remain in my spirit forever; I look forward to making a difference in my difference in my ministry because I attended the ISMMNC. Glory to God!”

Pastor Daniel Vindigni (France)
“I have seen the lives of men and women around the world change completely through the ministry of Pastor Chris at the ISM. If you are a minister of the Gospel, then you need to experience the impact of the ISM Ministers’ Network Conference for your ministry.”

Pastor Ivonka Gueorguiev (Bulgaria)
“I received deep revelations of God’s Word and was tremendously blessed at the ISM Ministers’ Network Conference.”

Rodney Sammy- Guilarte (Trinidad and Tobago)
“I’m very blessed to see the vast representation of nations from all over the world and the unified effort to organize the ISMMN Conference. I would recommend the Conference to every minister of the Gospel all around the world. This is the best place to be!”

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