Three Unforgettable Sessions at the Higher Life Conference UK with Pastor Chris


The build up…

The Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris, a much-anticipated 3-day program, began Friday 8th September at the world-famous O2 in London, United Kingdom. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, president and founder of Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated, a.k.a Christ Embassy, holds healing and teaching meetings on several continents, with some of the largest crowds in attendance.

The streets of London witnessed massive crowds enthusiastically headed for the O2 Arena for this epochal event with Pastor Chris. The O2 Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in south-east London and has the second-highest seating capacity of any indoor venue in the United Kingdom; it is also reputed to be the world’s busiest music arena. Attendees came from all over the United Kingdom and Europe, and had nursed mounting expectations in the days leading up to the event. The opening session was met with much excitement; the time had finally come!

The first day…

The first day of the Higher Life Conference UK with Pastor Chris was marked by captivating and uplifting music and arts presentations by world-class Loveworld artistes. From spoken words to choir renditions, dance presentations and praise fiestas, the audience was in awe of the characteristic excellence and richness of BLW art.

The moment finally came when Pastor Chris mounted the podium, to thunderous cheers loaded with prolonged expectancy for a memorable and life-changing encounter in God’s presence.

As Pastor Chris began speaking, his words settled over all the congregants as fresh dew. “You’re about to begin a new journey!” he proclaimed with gusto, as he went on to share deeply inspiring and informative teachings from the scriptures.

It was indeed a remarkable opening session for every attendee as they highly anticipated Day 2.

Day two…

The second session of the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris in the United Kingdom was even more extraordinary than the first, as awesome as the first session was. The night started on a charged note and continued to crescendo by the minute. It was indeed out of this world.

The man of God’s entrance into the auditorium was preceded by exhilarating worship renditions by LoveWorld artistes, leaving the congregation enraptured in bliss. Globally acclaimed artiste, Sinach, the award-winning duo, PeeYuu and Sophiya, along with other inspiring vocalists such Ada and Jahdiel, thrilled thousands at the O2 Arena with their well-known and recent releases. The people sang along joyously.

Shouts of ‘Hallelujah’ rang through the O2 Arena as soon as the BLW President, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, took the microphone with a triumphant shout of ‘Praise the Lord’! He went on to give an in-depth exposé on the scriptures. He also taught the congregants to take church attendance very seriously, just like David did in the Bible.

The final day…

The final session of the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris, took place on Sunday 10th of September at 2pm. Thousands assembled with rising expectations for a transformational time in their lives.

Once again, BLW music ministers, Sinach, UR Flames, Israel Strong, CSO and others lit the stage and arena with Spirit-filled renditions and performances, to the thrill of their listeners, who danced along. Given that it was the final day of the 3-day Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris, every rendition reflected the celebration of the many miracles received and the many more to come. Even the air in the arena was electrified with a new expectancy, having witnessed the richness of the two previous days. Special prayers were said for ministers of the Gospel and for the United Kingdom.

Israel Strong and CSO performed a duet, ‘Arise’ while the LMAM UK performed special musical pieces. Jeannie Wojacek from Switzerland also blessed the congregation in a song filled with faith declarations.

The transcendent moment came when Pastor Chris mounted the podium and continued the scriptural exposé, to an intently listening audience who voraciously digested every word. The teaching sessions always left miracles in their wake, as many people came forward each day to testify about their healings from diverse conditions, including medically incurable diseases.

The Higher Life Conference United Kingdom with Pastor Chris marked a new dawn for the UK and Europe. Testimonies of impacts from many in attendance are still making the rounds.


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