The Supernatural IPPC Unfolds

Pastor Chris sends crowds into ecstatic frenzy in his first appearance at the International Pastors' and Partners' Conference of 2018


Yesterday evening Pastor Chris Oyakhilome appeared on stage singing the words:

Christ is coming…
The King of Glory…
No more sorrow…
No more weeping…
Tell the story…
Among the nations…
Christ is coming….
By and by…

His words riled up crowds, reportedly causing the auditorium to tremble from the sheer roars of excitement. It was the moment everyone was waiting for; Pastor Chris had finally arrived at the IPPC 2018. Here are the 4 most memorable Pastor Chris at the IPPC 2018 so far.

  1. He shared a special memory of Christ with the thousands of delegates

Pastor Chris recalled the time Christ spoke to him. “I felt Jesus Christ was talking to me the very first time I heard that song. I told the Lord that I’ll tell the story to the nations. All nations, everywhere. Country nations, professional nations, all kinds of nations. I got it, yes, I got it. Christ is coming. You’ve got to tell the story!”

  1. Pastor Chris addressed the masses about money.

“I was a child when I started. I didn’t know it cost so much to do big things for Jesus. I refused to be troubled with money like a child. Grown men have problems with money”, He further explained how David empowered Solomon with resources. He recalled the humble beginning of David and how God blessed him so much that he was able to leave abundant wealth for his son, Solomon. The man of God kept repeating that wisdom without money is not good and that a “powerful message without resources is not good.”

IPPC 2018
IPPC 2018
  1. The Christ Embassy president reminded the delegates that God is now resting and that they are the miracle workers of today.

“God is not working any miracles today. Jesus is seated. He’s not working. He is in His sabbath. All the works were finished from the foundation of the world. He did the will of the Father and fulfilled it. We are the miracle workers today. If you don’t work the miracles, nothing will change.”

  1. You’re Not an Immigrant, You Own the World

Speaking further, Pastor said that “When I enter a city, I’m taking over. I’m a man of the spirit. Never allow a city to overwhelm you”. He referenced his experience with his first London congregation at the O2 Arena.”The first time I had a program, the crowd was about 100 people. I told them to have a different mentality… You’re not an immigrant, you’re the owner of any place you find yourself, the Lord owns the whole world, we are the seed of Abraham. The whole world belongs to us”.

Since his big appearance last night, Pastor Chris has continued to wow the thousands of Christ Embassy delegates present. These inspiring words by the man of God have been eliciting roars from the thousands of delegates. It is safe to say that so far, the IPPC of 2018 has definitely met expectations, and there is so much more in store.

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