The Online International School Of Ministry Is Open For Registration

It is a powerful position to hold. Being a pastor or a minister is a privileged position. It is the ultimate calling and there are many ways you can be mentored into the role. One of those ways is by having great role models who are revered for their excellence. At Christ Embassy, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSc., D.D has been the mentor and tutor to thousands. He said:-

“As a minister of the Gospel, you hold the key to the salvation of men; therefore, preach the Gospel and unveil the righteousness of God to them. Don’t be quiet in your locality, city, town, or nation; make the message of salvation known. Be the answer to their search for God’s righteousness.”

Graduates from the International School of Ministry (ISM) will attest to the glory of their ministerial training. In holding their training online more people have the opportunity to be trained in ministry and outreach.

The ISM Online School

The ISM Online School provides an exceptional platform for ministers of the Gospel to share in the same blessings and impact of the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris. The online classes are meticulously structured and ministers of the Gospel from different parts of the world will be connected and trained to have a huge impact.

Live streaming of the ISM in Burundi

Students will participate in lectures from all over the globe. There is live streaming of lectures. At the end of a lecture, students can be an active part of the live discussions. As part of the course, students will be able to access resources relevant to the course of study. This will enable students to transcend physical barriers and be equipped with requisite knowledge for success in life and ministry.

As part of the course, there will be lectures from senior ministers like Pastor Deola Phillips who is known to kindle the fires of soul winning. She previously delivered the message that” Jesus had a sense of urgency about the work of the ministry. He was conscious of the fact that the opportunity for doing the work was not always going to be there. He knew that the night was coming when no one would be able to work.” There is a sense of urgency when doing the work of the Lord.

Fieldwork on soul-winning and evangelism

Pastor Lanre Alabi affirmed in his inspiring teaching and reminded the delegates of the profound definition of “success” as given by our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris. In doing so he reminded them to be conscious of it in their work in ministry. “Success is impacting the world around you with the investment of your personality. Be conscious of this in your work in ministry. Deliberately determine to impact those the Lord gives you, with the fullness of what He’s given you.” A life in ministry is something precious and meaningful. It is something that you do with your whole being.

Missionary activities

Ministry in Mongolia

It is not an easy path but with outstanding teachers like Pastor Joseph Akinwolemiwa to guide students to use all the tools available for missionary activities. “Always remember, the Lord is with you. Have no fear. Our story has already been told before the foundations of the world; our victory has already been determined.” He went on to remind students that “through the technology available to us in the world today, you can break geographical, institutional and religious boundaries. You can effectively infiltrate regions, countries, cities, and homes, where the physical spread of the Gospel has been prohibited and the voice of the Gospel is dim due to opposition and persecution.”

The ISM Online Session is a must-attend for any minister of Gospel, church pastor, church worker or leader who wants to record greater success in life and ministry. Pastor Joy Amenkhienan charged ministers to have the heart to fulfill the mission, regardless of the circumstances or situation.” Be bold and courageous; nurture your heart for the harvest and aspire to win for the Gospel in ever-increasing levels of glory and impact.”

Prayers for success are said throughout the course

There is an amazing opportunity for all to fulfill the words of the Bible and be a minister of the gospel. Register for the ISM Online School and continue your path to glory guided and directed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

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