The Month of Thanksgiving Concludes the Year of Perfection

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced, at the Global Communion Service, that December is the ‘Month of Thanksgiving‘. There is a difference between giving thanks and thanksgiving. Thanksgiving involves worship, confessions, sacrifices of praise, and thanksgiving offerings. We will rejoice before the Lord, proclaiming His victory as we decree into 2021.

As usual, the highly anticipated Global Communion Service did not disappoint.

Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka opened the service as she welcomed the congregation to the final Global Communion service of the ‘Year of Perfection’, followed by the LoveWorld anthem sung by the glorious choir. World renown Gospel music singer, Sinach gave a moving performance to delighted participants.

Pastor Ose Oyakhilome gave a message praying for all men and leaders of nations and thanking God for the reign of peace and tranquility among the nations of the world. The pastors discussed the various themes of the months of the year in preparation for the final Global Communion Service.

Pastor Chris reveals the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’

The First Half of the Year with Pastor Chris

January brought in the ‘Year of Perfection’ to Christ Embassy, with understanding and insight as Pastor Chris brought new prophecies into being with his words, noting that “you were trained not to be perfect, yet we produce perfect devises and equipment. How could it happen if we don’t have perfection in us.”

Great rejoicing, met the declaration of February to be the ‘Month of Songs’ by the man of God, as people received the Word with faith and gladness of heart, ready to walk in the light of the Word, throughout the month and beyond. Pastor Chris proclaimed that “we have stepped into the new month with Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs rejoicing.

“This month, give attention to knowledge; choose knowledge over gold” Pastor Chris declared to a global audience as he explained that God is set to increase knowledge in these last days through the Spirit of Knowledge in March. For the ‘Month of Knowledge’, he implored us to open ourselves to new knowledge and learn something new, that can be applied for life.

April brought us the ‘Month of Praying and Fasting’ following the success of the first Global Day of Prayer for the year, which recorded global participation of over 3 billion people. Our Man of God went on to speak about the devastating economic crises facing the world today, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prayer has no boundaries, it is unlimited. The establishment and existence of our very foundation came under siege, it was time for the Church to pray and save the nations, the Word of God had never been so vital.

In May, the ‘Month of Opening’, Pastor Chris explained that God is doing something very special in the lives of individuals, families, institutions, cities, and nations around the world. He encouraged God’s people to expect openings in various aspects of their lives, further stating that not only will there be an experience of it but there will be a projection of it.

June, the ‘Month of Prayer’ included another highly successful Day of Prayer, where the world witnessed the largest prayer event ever held.

Second Half of the Year with Pastor Chris

July, as the ‘Month of Productivity’, Pastor Chris announced that “This month God is going to bless the works of your hands, marvellous blessings in your life, every effort will be rewarded with tremendous results. You are going to be so productive by the blessing of God’s spirit, this is what is going to happen in your life.”

August was the ‘Month of Recovery’ following various devastating global occurrences. The Man of God went on to say “Make sure that your evangelical work is not suffering and remember because it’s a ‘Month of Recovery’, the opportunities that you missed, you can get them back and ”Win Souls” like never before.

In September Pastor Chris declared it to be the ‘Month of Wisdom’ as he urged God’s people to let the wisdom of God rule through them giving no place to ungodly wisdom.

In October, the Month of Proclamation, Pastor Chris told the global congregation: “Proclamation is affirmation made public, make solid and bold affirmations of faith.” Urging the saints to always make bold proclamations, the LoveWorld President reminded God’s people that their very salvation is based on affirmation.

Pastor Chris said in November that “Praise is one of the most devastating weapons of war; it completely shatters the walls of the enemy”, declaring November to be the ‘Month of Praise’. Pastor Chris urged God’s people to always have His praise on their lips because He deserves all the praise. He explained that one of the ways to praise God is to declare His excellence.

Giving Thanks in December with Pastor Chris

So December Pastor Chris confessed, was easy to predict considering where we are in God’s calendar. The Scriptures were given to us for a reason, for instruction in righteousness, like God’s manual for life. You can’t live this life without the Word of God.

Pastor Chris explained the current environment and times of how we are living, in the verses of Timothy, a great Apostle of God, in the prophetic messages from 2 Timothy 3:1-9, describing these times as difficult and troublesome.

Pastor Chris explains that we are in difficult and troublesome times

“God wants us to distinguish ourselves by praying. He went on to say that we didn’t go this far to give up or lose what God gave us. What we have cost too much. We will believe like anybody ever believed in the Bible, and pray like anybody ever prayed! We will not bend, and we will not break, we have come to a climatic period, and it is at that point that you know there is no turning back” Pastor Chris declared.

All these scriptures have led Pastor Chris to declare December to be the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’. “We will rejoice in front of the Lord and proclaim His victory, His glory and His name. No one will stop us, the Church will glow in glory in 2021 when we will get ready for angelic visitations.”


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