The LoveWorld Exhibition at IPPC 2019- A Convergence Of Lights In the Community

With a record-breaking 58 booths, the LoveWorld Exhibition got underway. This is the biggest and best LoveWorld exhibition to date. In this ‘Year Of Lights’ Believers LoveWorld has seen its existing projects grow and new visons being brought into reality. From the wide scope of the exhibition, we know that this expansion is set to continue into the next decade.

The Highly Esteemed  Pastor Deola Phillips opened the exhibition with an inspiring speech. She enthused everyone with the message that the LoveWorld Exhibition helps “expand the vision and inspires faith for the future in our pastors and partners.”

The inspiration for the LoveWorld exhibition comes from Mathew 5:14 “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”. She went on to say that the “accomplishments took on galactic proportions”. It was truly marvelous to see just how amazing the annual achievements have been.

Humanitarian Projects

There are many projects aimed at building the developing world. The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) is an umbrella project with some influential NGO’s in its network. The LoveWorld Exhibition highlighted the work of the Trauma Care Foundation International (TCFI) and Medical Missions.

There are some 3,355,955 medical volunteers in 213 countries and territories. With 500 medical outreaches in underserved communities delivering surgical services we can see how TCFI  is working towards ‘universal health care’. This NGO has been awarded consultative status at the UN. They have reached 6,555,659 people and impacted on their lives.

The TCFI recently opened an 11-room medical facility in northeastern Nigeria through the Health Facility Endowment Program. It was proud to showcase this at th eLoveWorld Exhibition.

A medical center in North-Eastern Nigeria that will serve thousands of people in remote rural communities

They also entered the Guinness Book of Records for the most amount of people to sign up to donate blood in an 8-hour period. On June 30, 2018. The volunteer blood drive is a vital part of the services and they have provided blood to 7984 adults in 32 countries. There has been a 200% increase in volunteer donations since the world record-breaking drive.

The inaugural stand of Africa For Africa Initiative was at the LoveWorld Exhibition. The mission of this NGO is “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.”

Championing the youth

According to the information at the  LoveWorld Exhibition stand nearly every university in

Believers LoveWorld Campus Network is stronger than ever

the world has a Believer’s LoveWorld Campus which is an amazing achievement. In 54 nations they champion university students. They believe that “the philosophy in the classroom in one generation would be the philosophy of the nations in another”.

With 30,000,000 members the Global Youth Leaders Forum (GYLF) is looking stronger than ever. They have trips, missions and outreaches to foster a sense of purposeful leadership in today’s Christian youth.  They recently held a successful online conference. The aim is to get 50,000,000 members by 2020.

Online community cohesion

The Haven Nation is an online community where over 20,000 people listen to Pastor Chris ever day. It is aimed at millennials and making sure there are wholesome content and informative materials available online. If you walk in God’s blessing miracles happen and lives are transformed. 30 bible classes are now available and 27 new cells have opened in eight countries. It is a new way to receive grace and salvation and the Haven Nation is taking evangelism to new levels.

With all the stalls exhibiting their information Christ Embassy is set to ‘finish strong’ in the ‘Year of Lights’. Let us see where the vision of the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will take the Believers LoveWorld.

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