The Life Altering Easter Camp With Pastor Chris Is Happening Soon

The International Easter Youth Camp is just around the corner. It is an annual initiative of the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum which influences the lives of young people around the world. It brings together those who want to achieve more in life. The 2020 International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris happening from April 10th – 16th.



About the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris

This annual retreat in South Africa is attended by young people between the ages of 13 – 21 from all around the world. The camp has a program that is exciting, enlightening, educating.  One of the most spirit-lifting moments is all delegates attending the program have the special privilege to meet with the Man of God, Pastor Chris.

Pastor Chris will address the Camp

The special program had been devised the unlock the potential within these young people. They will be able to fulfill their destiny that is God-given. The activities are tailored to the needs of the youths who have a hunger in their spirit to do God’s work. They will be trained and built to discover their purpose for living and eager for success in life and ministry. To register for the camp click here.

Testimonies from previous participants

The International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris is a life-transforming experience that will catapult you into new realms of glory in fulfilling God‘s dream for your life. There will be impartations and teaching that will energize that Spirit through the Word of God.

What is the motive for going to this camp

Kahlil from Canada introduced himself, “my name is Fly Guy I’m from Canada downtown Toronto. “So what am I here to do- that’s a very simple question. I came here to absorb to receive to expand in my spirit in the gospel and the glory of God.

I am here to learn about developing my spirit, who I am as a person because I’m going back and going back to make a change in Canada, to impact my city in a way it’s never been impacted before, right. I’m living a life that is going to make a  difference.  People look up to me as an example so I’m going to be a leader for Canada. I’m gonna be the best at what I do.

I’m here to upgrade. I’m here to go to the next level to move from Glory to Glory to do great things to make my God proud – that’s what I’m here to do.”

What was your experience from camp

Palomar from Mexico was excited to meet Pastor Chris. “I was excited to meet new people know what they do in different countries and how they live their lives. We traded an awesome bond with other participants. The morning group workout was great fun. We had a chance to attend a service at the Healing School.

Easter Camp delegates at the Healing School Service

This service was so awesome to see the power of God manifested in a place. The moment we walked in the presence of God was so tangible. The worship and singing was beautiful, you feel the Spirit of the Lord moving freely. Pastor Chris welcomed us to the service. The word that he brought forth changed my life. Having the holy spirit is joyful. The impartation service was big, everyone received something from God. Our work is to go back home and put it to work.”

For Neme from London coming to this camp was a dream come true. “This place is a tropical and relaxing. The Tug of love was fun. We went on a trip to a theme park called Gold Reef City which was fun. We also had a few opportunities to do some presentations and watch each other. We focused on the Holy Spirit and we understand him and got closer to him in fellowship. The impartation at the end was powerful and I stepped forward for healing.

I spoke in tongues and there was a heat that went through my body. When he said out I fell back and started shaking. I got up and my vision went blurry. I had this conviction that he was looking through me, I was gone and then I started smiling with joy unspeakable. My life has never been the same again I was rejoicing and I want to thank Pastor Chris.”

Both participants recommend everyone make time to attend as you will stir up the anointing. To be in the presence of Pastor Chris is life-enhancing. There is so much to be thankful for as he uniquely invests in everyone.  You will be inspired to go back and do amazing things in your countries. Your life will never be the same again.

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