The International Media Connectors’ Conference Comes to a Close

The International Media Connectors’ Conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, or the IMCC, is the digital component of the International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference (IPPC) and has been gaining an increasing amount of attention in recent years. It is an integral part of the prestigious IPPC annual event.

The International Media Connectors’ Conference was created specifically with the goal of guiding the many delegates in the new and dynamic ways of technology and digital communication and is aimed at transforming Christ Embassy’s online presence, making it increasingly more accessible to everyone online, especially young people. It has proven to be an invaluable resource to educate the participants about the complexities of the digital age.

Participants are exposed to lectures and conferences on how to engage with social media to connect to the world and optimize their technical skills and use the latest platforms on offer from the ministry.

What is the IMCC About?

One of the aims of the IMCC is the concept of innovation, which is the concept of translating an idea or product into a service that produces a value that customers would pay for. LoveWord Inc has been leading the way with its innovative ways to spread the Gospel. Throughout the conference, the delegates get the opportunity to showcase the church’s numerous exploits of the year, discuss future missions and celebrate their significant commitment to the digital spread of God’s word worldwide over the year.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome encourages us to be innovative. With a complete digital library of audio and video teachings, LoveWorld Inc has taken the inspiration to lead the way with digital evangelization.

The industry of technology and social media is constantly growing. It affects our everyday life and changes the way we communicate. As one of the most influential Christian organizations in the world, Christ Embassy Church understands this.

In the age of social media, pastors can venture beyond the Church walls and reach out with the gospel. The virtual world can be conquered, and you can win souls online if you know how to connect.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome inspires attendees: “Do not just promise to praise or pray to God. Do it!”

Special Nuggets from IMCC Day 2

When discussing V-logging on CeFlix, the Esteemed Brother Sam Samuels imparted some vital information when he said: “When we join forces together in spreading the gospel through our social media platforms, we can walk the streets of gold sooner and faster”.

Esteemed Brother Sam Samuels imparting wisdom

On the topic: Being Relevant in Today’s Content Age by the Esteemed Pastor Star Vosper, we learned that “Everything we now see is the thoughts that were once created in someone’s mind. Thus, when you are your own content creator, you determine what the world sees. If you understand the vision of KingsChat you will join hands to provide answers to basic life’s issues. We need to show people the reality and be free with ourselves on social media”.

During the Expert Session: Data Analytics and Our Ministry Platforms by the Esteemed Pastor Bolaji Akinboro, we heard how: “We are gathering data not for data sake but for an end game which is: our 6.5 billion souls saved. We need to bring the whole world to our own ecosystem. For us to reach the world with the Gospel we have to play the data game and we play to win. A good data analyst sees and not just look; that’s what we are blessed with in the ministry to advance the Gospel. It is not necessary to be well-read in everything but it is possible to be knowledgeable in everything. Our ecosystem helps promote the spread of the Gospel and eases evangelism. The more we advance the spread of our ministry apps the more people we can reach with the gospel”.

In the special session on the ‘Prepare to Meet God Crusade’, we learned that when we use the #ptmgc tag we aim to reach the unsaved. It is important to let people know that we do not have the luxury of time anymore. Whatever we do with social media has to be dynamic. Prepare to meet God is a good conversation starter. We want to have churches birthed, cells started and souls won during the PTMG campaign. We are not going to only win souls but prepare them to join us at first flight to meet God! This is your opportunity to have a big testimony to give when the Lord returns.

Nuggets from IMCC Day 3

Pastor Richard Pena spoke at a collaboration on the Key to Gaining More Grounds on Social Media. He told the audience that anyone who has a social media account and has people following can be classified as an influencer.

He continues by saying: “We have to go to where people are through the internet just like our man of God Pastor Chris did when the world was on lockdown. You have to be an influencer for the Gospel of Christ. If you don’t have influence you don’t have a voice. No influence, no voice! We have to make every effort to amplify good against others who amplify the negative. We are to insight people to go in the positive direction. Therefore, we can’t be idle”.

Pastor Richard Pena: “No influence, no voice!”

Esteemed Pastor Lanre Alabi spoke on the vital role of the participants to ‘Engage, influence, Convert’, saying: “You must be convinced that there are people to engage. Conversion is our end game; this is the strategy for winning in the end time. As we speak, there are millions of idle surfers on the internet waiting to be engaged; we must get to them first. You are should be a protagonist, on top, beyond radical. Your convictions must run deep because men of convictions run the world; others are just like side stories. Grace is not for storage, it is for use. In our ministry at this time, there’s so much grace: you must do things that are relevant to our mandate that our man of God has set on course. Do things with purpose and conviction. Purpose helps you achieve things to the finish. As a ministry our purpose is clear; it is your conviction that will keep you going to the finish line. Don’t be a thermometer that only reads temperature; be a thermostat that brings and controls the temperature to a specified level. Become a producer of champions when you bring people to our message that creates victors. Do it with urgency!”

The esteemed Pastor went on to say: “ Be conscious that there is a window of opportunity and it may not always be there. One day the last IMCC, campaign, church service will hold and that day is coming. Don’t postpone what you can do today to tomorrow. What you don’t want to do is act when it is too late. You must give this priority. You have to master the use of our platforms to consultancy level. Mighty men are known for skills. Media is not for entertainment, it is a weapon.”

Esteemed Pastor Lanre Alabi : “Engage, influence, Convert!”

The Climax

The IMCC 2021 climaxed with a special gala night. It was a time for fun, relaxation, and celebration for delegates as the International Media Connectors Conference 2021 gradually came to a close. The highlight came as the Director of the New Media Technologies Department and convener of the IMCC, the esteemed Pastor Rita Ijomah arrived. The esteemed Director in her speech expressed profound appreciation to the delegates for their work as media connectors in spreading the Gospel. She encouraged them to take decisive actions with the knowledge gained from the conference and do greater exploits for the Gospel.

Director of the New Media Technologies Department the esteemed Pastor Rita Ijomah

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