The Global Youth Leaders Forum Is Gathering Momentum

The Global Youth Leaders Forum is a vehicle to recruit some of the most engaging and charismatic youth to be the leaders of the future. We know that the future is now, and it is an exciting time to be a part of this movement.

They have a mandate to equip the youth with the training and tools for global leadership in their community and beyond. There are specially written programs and training sessions to build future community leaders. Participants from the ages of 13-25 are encouraged to register on the website.

What can an ambassador achieve?

In preparation for the “Illuminating the World Conference” in Suriname, Ambassador Bethuel Gyan visited a radio station in the country to publicize the program, inspire the young to take part and introduce the GYLF to the listeners. This was an awesome introduction as the people received his message with bliss.

GYLF Ambassador Bethuel Gyan with staff from the Mr-Dr-J-C-de-Miranda-Lyceum

Ambassador Bethuel Gyan continued to make an impact there.  He met with the principal of the Mr-Dr-J-C-de-Miranda-Lyceum to share the vision of the GYLF. She was greatly inspired and granted permission for all her students to be inducted into the forum. Her consent for GYLF clubs to be established in the school was a remarkable achievement. Ambassador Bethuel gave her a copy of the book  “The Power Of Your Mind” and   “Our Mesanger Angel” as a token of the GLYF’s appreciation to her.

Holding life-changing conferences all around the globe.

At the “Leaders for Change” conference in Kumasi, Ghana The Global Youth Leaders’ Forum in collaboration with Ashanti Regional Students Representative Council held an impactful event with school prefects, Student Regional Council (SRC) executives, teachers and APEC members all in attendance. The conference had 120 schools represented with over 1,400 participants.

Attentive GLYF taking notes at the conference

The conference began with an opening prayer and a special presentation by Hon. Augustine spoke on the role of the SRC.  This enlightened the students on the vital role they play in the school administrative structure. Hon. Raphael Sarkodie, the Coordinator of the Ashanti Regional SRC also had a special presentation entitled “Effectiveness of Students Leaders in Maintaining Discipline”.

Ambassador Wisdom Dominic, Coordinator of the GYLF Chapter in Ghana, explained the vision and mission of the forum. He also led a call for young people to be “positive agents of change”. He further implored the delegates to get involved in doing something that will contribute to the good of their community.

He rounded off his uplifting speech by informing the delegates about the upcoming GYLF Online Conference to be held on the 2nd of November and 26 local schools already registered to be part of it.  It was a power-packed and moving conference.

Where can I find out more?

The Global Youth Leaders Forum has both initial and ongoing training for its members. Whether you will engage in outreach and conferences or humanitarian projects this is the forum to join to get yourself equipped to go out into the community to spread the Gospel. You may wish to attend conferences and seminars to prepare yourself for a life of evangelizing compassion at the Global Youth Leaders Academy. You might even decide to attend the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris. There are so many life-changing and inspiring parts to this wonderful network that you should register today.


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