The Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome attracts over 40 Million Ministers of the Gospel

This weekend history was made at the Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC2021) with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome when over 40 million Ministers of the Gospel participated live from all nations of the world at the ongoing 24-hour online, free program with the International School of Ministry.

The special online 24-hour program was held on the 21st and 22nd of May for the purpose of equipping ministers of the Gospel for more effectiveness in preparing people with the Gospel in these last days.

Grow in the Knowledge of the Word

Our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, assures us that “this is a special time to grow in the knowledge of the Word and receive superabundant grace for extraordinary accomplishments in this glorious ‘Year of Preparation’; the sheer thought of what the adversary had planned is simply unimaginable. They had seen the streets of nations littered with bodies of the dead, they had built concentration camps and mass graves all around the world, they had structured the division of the world into fully vaccinated and unvaccinated tribes”.

The Bible says in Lamentations 3:37, “Who is he who speaks and it comes to pass if the Lord has not authorized and commanded it?” And like it was said about the Prophet Elisha in 2 Kings 6:11-12, our dear Pastor Chris has time and time again revealed to the world the things the devil and his cohorts had planned long before they manifested in the physical. “Until the rapture of the Church, we keep things in check by the power of the Holy Ghost”.

Ministering to the global audience about ‘Raising an Effective Soulwinning Congregation’, the esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan, Zonal Director, Christ Embassy Port Harcourt, said: “As ministers of the Gospel, your main focus should be raising your members to be soul-winning passionate. One of your main responsibility is to pray and intercede for your members to be soul winners. It’s important as a minister to constantly intercede for your members.”

Esteemed pastor, noted evangelist, teacher, and close friend of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Benny Hinn,  reminded the delegates on the importance of waiting on the Lord through prayer before ministering to others, by saying: “Waiting upon the Lord gives our bodies the opportunity to be disciplined. It quickens our bodies and when we are quickened, we are strengthened. Ministering to the Lord is key before ministering to the crowd.”

This was a very special meeting, where ministers of the Gospel all around the globe were impacted with the revelatory knowledge of God’s words on evangelism in these coming times. This was the 3rd successful edition of the life-transforming and spiritually powerful program for pastors, teachers, prophets, youth pastor training, apostles, evangelists, missionaries, and all people of the Gospel, impacting their lives and ministries as a result of the supernatural encounter they received at the International School of Ministry.

Heartfelt Prayers from Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris led Ministers of the Gospel in heartfelt prayer, for God’s people everywhere in the world. “Pray for God’s people all around the world; that the Ministry of the Holy Spirit will become primary in their lives. They will be delivered from this hour of deception. Pray that they will attend to God’s Word like never before” he prayed as he encouraged participants to become more effective soul-winners. “Refuse to let your life be dependent on feelings. If your faith is dependent on the Word of God, you’ll be unshakable.”


This is a special time, where God’s highest blessings are for soul winners, Pastor Chris confirmed, saying “The aim of this conference is to win souls. If anyone of us is well equipped, we can win souls for God and win the nation.” Pastor Chris encouraged Christians this year, more than ever, to occupy themselves with evangelism and soul-winning. “Help someone else receive salvation; help others to learn the Word; show them the path of life! Teach them how to live. This is the calling of Christians worldwide” he added.

Pastor Chris reminds his audience constantly of the importance of winning souls for God. “You will experience even more success and progress this year as you engage in soul-winning and soul-winning activities. People are God’s greatest assets on earth. Until you start winning people for Jesus, you’re not involved in God’s asset building. The Lord is always reaching out to the unsaved, to touch their lives with His power and glory; but He can only do so through you. Therefore you must always be passionate about soul-winning.”

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