The First Half of “The Year Of Perfection”

In January we celebrated the new year of perfection. In a year termed the ‘Year of Perfection,’ the first Global Communion Service revealed more prophecies and a deeper understanding of the scriptures that define and expound them.  Our dearly beloved Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome guided us further down the path that to lead us to a state of perfection.

There are four important elements of perfection. Firstly there is an ‘Alignment’ that has to do with framing and mending. We are brought into God’s perfect will, thoughts and purpose. Without being aligned with God’s perfect will, thoughts and purpose, we cannot walk in it. Alignment is brought about by preparation and equipping. This leads to completeness or fullness, and once you have the sense of being perfect and lacking nothing it can lead to Excellence.

The ‘Excellence’ is to be above all others. Pastor Chris says it gives the idea of growth because of its relativeness. You are awakened to who you really are which is a perfect being made after God. “Perfection has been wrought in our spirit. It’s nature- when you walk in it you will awaken to it.” The awakening Pastor Chris talked about is ‘Fruition’ meaning, bringing all that you are to a state of perfection

February: The Month of Songs

Pastor Chris urged God’s people to meditate on the scriptures that he read during the Month of Songs at February’s Global Communion. His intention was to enshrine the Word of the month in their hearts. February’s Global Communion Service was a glorious experience. The LoveWorld Nation sang songs of the Spirit, hymns of praise and psalms of worship.

March: The Month of Knowledge

This month was the Month of Knowledge and during this time the global congregation accelerated their spiritual knowledge. It was a very exciting time in which the whole world showed an increase in their knowledge. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome told the LoveWorld Nation about the different types of knowledge. The scripture is the Word and the truth.

April: The Month of Praying and Fasting

Pastor Chris introduced the new month by talking about the unprecedented success of the Global Prayer Day on March 27th and urged the people to continue with prayers and fasting.  Our Man of God went on to speak about the devastating economic crises facing the world today, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He begged us not to accept this new reality, not to be deceived, but to pray “for insight against desperately wicked forces.” Prayer has no boundaries, it is unlimited.

May: The Month of Opening

Pastor Chris declared the theme of the month of May to be the Month of Opening, and God’s spirit is at work.

“This month I believe God is doing something very special in the lives of individuals, families, institutions, cities and nations around the world,” Pastor Chris said after he announcement the theme.

Pastor Chris then went on to talks about the great things that God had in store for us in May. President Trump deemed churches and houses of worship “essential services” and called upon governors to allow them to open, which coincided with the fulfillment of the prophetic word declared by Pastor Chris.

June: The Month of Prayer

This month of June, as has been every year since it’s inception, was the Month of Prayer. Fifteen minute segments of every hour of every day, was allocated to extra praying, with an additional hour allocated to anyone twice in the month, organized by the churches. Each of these hours was distributed amongst various groups and individuals were requested to do something special. Pastor Chris reiterated that “there is more faith when you know someone is praying for you or with you.” The extra praying in June culminated in the Global Day of Prayer on the 26th of the month.

The emphasis on this prayer day was different to the previous ones as the LoveWorld community utilized what they learnt during the previous weeks.


Today the new theme of the month will be revealed at the Global Communion Service, which will be will be streamed live to all the LoveWorld Networks and Web/Mobile platforms. You can participate through your preferred TV, Radio, mobile, or web application/ website/ social media platforms,, LiveTV Mobile App.

Let’s use the hashtag #PrayWithPastorChris because if we join in prayer, we will be stronger than ever.


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