The Best Pastor Chris Tips on Enhancing your Prayers


Prayer is an extremely powerful tool to connect you to God. It is like a God-given key handed to you directly to from birth, a key that unlocks the supernatural world. But not everyone knows how to use this key. In Pastor Chris’s book, “Praying the Right Way”, the man of God guides you in how to pray perfectly.

 Expect Answers when you pray

Pastor Chris eases our stress when it comes to praying. It often appears as an overwhelming endeavour, one that seems overly complicated and that can result in confusion and no solutions.

“Some people don’t bother praying because even when they do they don’t expect answers/ If you don’t have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, that is, you’re not born again. You should expect answers because He wouldn’t even hear you. However, if you’re God’s child, you have a right to expect answers when you pray; but to have those answers consistently, you must pray according to God’s Word revealed concerning prayer in the New Testament. 

God invites us to pray. He’s not troubled with our prayers. Some people think they shouldn’t’ bother with God because He already has a lot of problems to solve. They figure that with so many people calling on God at the same time, He might just get confused by our prayers. Don’t wonder how He hears when so many people pray to him at the same time”

You Can Change Anything

Pastor Chris tells us that with God’s divine power in our hearts, we can change anything. God has given us an incredible power to create our own path. Like the man of God says, “God has shown us in His Word that we can change anything, including things that were divinely destined to be”

“God doesn’t run our lives the way we think he does. He wants to do something nobody can change, nobody gets to know about it until it’s done. Moses said the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children, but the things that are revealed belong to God

Pray with your heart

If you have any desire of being heard and making a difference in your life, then it is crucial to understand that praying with gusto is key!  To do so, Pastor Chris explains precisely how to pray with everything you have got.

“God’s word Word doesn’t teach us to say our prayers but commands us to pray. There’s between praying and saying prayers. A lot of people have prayer books from which they recite prayers every day.  They even recite ‘The Lord’s Prayer from their little prayer books. It is important that prayer is heartfelt, even if you’re reading or reciting it =