The Benefits of Prayer

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome once said that “Prayer is not man’s idea but God’s idea and the reason he wants us to pray is because He wants to answer”. Our Man of God expanded on that by saying: “Prayer in the New Testament isn’t a means of asking God for things. Rather, it’s an avenue for fellowship with the Lord, which in fact, is the highest purpose for prayer.

Prayer helps us come into the fullness of the Spirit. Pray until you prevail. Pray until in your heart you have the witness that matter is settled. The moment it is done, you will have a note of victory in your spirit; and instead of a burden, you will start laughing and singing from your spirit.

The historic, first Global Day of Prayer with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, in the ‘Year of Preparation‘, 2021, took the airwaves on the 26th of March, with a record of over 5.3 billion participants from around the world. This phenomenon also marked the one year anniversary of the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris, which was a monumental and resounding success against the evils of the world. At a time when the world needed hope and comfort from the unknown actions of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking in Tongues

In the exposé on prayer and fasting right on the Pastor Chris Digital Library, we learnt about speaking in tongues. In an article titled “Prevailing Prayer, The Benefits of Prayer, Prayer of Intercession”, we understand the importance and higher purposes of prayer, you’ll always be willing and excited to pray, especially in other tongues. One of the beautiful things the Holy Spirit has done in our lives as God’s children is to give us the ability to speak in other tongues. When we speak in tongues, the utterance, the words we speak, aren’t man-made but from the Lord. Moreover, we aren’t speaking to men but to God: (1 Corinthians 14:2). When you pray in tongues, you’re in fellowship with the Father; you’re communicating with Him through the Spirit in a heavenly language. Praying in tongues keeps you more “fit” spiritually, and responsive to the guidance and promptings of the Spirit. The more time you spend in fellowship with the Lord, praying in the Holy Ghost, the more His character and personality are revealed in and manifested through you. Some are only compelled to pray when they face crises in life, and that’s not right. We’re called into fellowship with our heavenly Father; that’s what prayer, and praying, is primarily for fellowship!

Maintain Focus in Prayer

In another message for Prevailing Prayer on Pastor Chris Digital Library, we learn that the mind is a massive tool for our benefit. “The mind is like the rudder that directs a ship. Your mind is so important; if you turn your mind away from what you are supposed to be focusing on your feelings for that thing will die. So, you start by channelling your mind to your purpose. Because your mind helps you channel all the forces of your spirit in the direction of what you are focusing on. The scripture says in Isaiah 26:3 “thou will keep him in perfect peace, that means shalom, shalom peace, peace whose mind is stayed on thee for he trusteth in thee;” So God is going to keep him in perfect peace, the peace of prosperity, the man or woman whose mind is focused on him. There are those who when fasting and praying, instead of focusing their minds on the object of that fast, they think about everything else. When you don’t focus your mind, that fast is useless. Why? Because your spirit was not coordinated towards that goal and purpose. But if your mind is disciplined, you’ll use your mind to direct yourself when you pray”.

Set Your Emotions on God

When you pray, set your emotions on God. Did you know God talks to many of us every day? But our emotions are not towards Him and so we don’t receive what He says. You might even think you heard God talk to you, but as long as your emotion is not toward Him it makes no difference, it has no power over you, it doesn’t work for you. But when He can speak to you and your emotions are channelled towards Him, then you receive His word in the core of your nature and then it produces results for you.

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