Thanksgiving Starts Day Three Of The Praise-A-Thon


Pastor Chris thanked God for “his grace, love and kindness and the work being done in the hearts of men and women. Thank you for the child who’s life has been turned around today.” Hallelujah. Israel Strong opened the worship with a beautiful uplifting song saying “I want to thank you, I want to praise you, you deserve all the praise.”

Pastor Benny Hinn is ready with the power of the Holy Spirit.

On the third and final day of the Praise-A-Thon, the global audience has been uplifted and strengthened in their path of worship and devotion to Jesus Christ. The comforting message from Pastor Benny Hinn was that” God has a plan for your finances If your finances are in line with God’s plan then your life is in order.”

He reminded us that ”Jesus is God’s plan for us in action, Jesus is God’s will in action.” Pastor Benny  explained, “When you see who you are in Him, you will never have to worry about money or anything.” Living a life dedicated to serving the Lord is our purpose and if you do there are amazing things in store for you. If you, “always put God first things shall be added unto you.” It was a truly uplifting moment when he revealed that, “the second you connect with the plan of God, the plan will work for you. Let’s obey the Lord and connect with His plan.”

A gathering in Ghana watching the three-day Praise-A-Thon together

Sinach sang  her award-winning song “Overflow”

This amazing worship song lets all the messages for God come together. The esteemed ministers were all talking about ideas that were connected. There was much unification of ideas and outpouring of divine providence. Testimonies came over the phone and the power was extraordinary. The supernatural occurred as the preachers were talking in tongues. The people of God had many blessings and there was much thanksgiving.

Bishop Clarence McClendon developed many of the ideas that have been sown. He told us that  “God sees your seed as more than money. Because it took you time to earn it.” The fact that “our giving releases men to forward to us what God has already given us legally because of Christ.”

He expounded his teaching by reminding us that God created the Garden of Eden. He has supplied and blessed man with everything he needs and this is the original creation. Bishop Mcclendon told is that we are living with the original creation “but on steroids.” If you plant the seed out of what you’ve been given you will see abundance. He told us “in the kingdom of God, your job is not for your living. Your job is forgiving.”

When you give to a blessed man, the blessing on the man comes upon you

In a rousing final session Pastor Chris said,” Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.”( Luke 8:11 ) Our dear Man of God Pastor Chris ministered thus. “A seed is man’s number one and greatest way of demonstrating his faith in God. A seed has a future, everything else is a liability.”

Bishop Clarence McClendon shared insights on the ”Four Rivers of Receiving.” They are the “The River of Compensation. This is the wage that comes to one from work. There is also “The River of Harvest.” The River of Inheritance which is that ” he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” The final one is “The River Of Favor” which according to Proverbs is, “to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”

In a final ministering from Pastor Benny Hinn, he said, ”You are so favored that God has numbered the hairs on your head. Favor means love. You are more valuable than the whole universe.” He advised us to steer clear of three things, the wrong people, education and the love of money.

Powerful group prayers from anointed ministers

There were many people who tuned in and were edified during this three day Praise-A-Thon. Everyone was held by the rapture. The celebrated assembly of esteemed pastors and anointed ministers gave powerful testimonies that planted the seeds for a glorious future in God and the Heavenly Kingdom. Our receiving is the giving we deliver. Hallelujah.

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