Testimonies Ignite the Passion of the Word for ISM Ladies Ignite Conference 2021 with Pastor Chris

The International School of Ministry, Ladies Ignite Conference is an unprecedented, free online 2-day Conference for Ladies in Ministry. It will be held from the 17th to the 18th of September 2021. This program has been orchestrated to cause a fire in the hearts of Female Church Founders, Ministry Leaders, Pastors, Evangelists, Apostles, Prophetess, and Music Ministers. The purpose of this conference is to highlight the urgency for the advancement of the kingdom, impact, and capture their cities and communities in these last days.

Women from all over the world will be coming together to be inspired by the Word of God by the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and the Director of the International School of Ministry (ISM), Pastor Deola Phillips, who has encouraged all women of the Gospel to join by saying: “This program is borne out of a heartfelt desire to create a platform to inspire, to impact, and to stir up women in Ministry.” She continued to say that the Lord needs you more than ever to be influential, as she inspired and challenged the women to transcend boundaries and walk in the fullness of God’s purpose for their lives and ministries.

“Are you a lady in ministry? Do you desire to become the best of you for Jesus? Then, this program is for you! You can do great things for the Lord, cause revolutions, and occupy strategic leadership positions for the preservation of the Body of Christ. You can advance the Gospel in unprecedented ways in your world. You are the only one of you God has. Be the best of you.”

Testimonies from Around the World

Women from all over the world have given testimonies of their experiences with Pastor Chris and their expectations as the time draws close to the first Ladies Ignite Conference 2021.

From Lebanon

ISM Cell Leader and Senior Pastor of Life-Changing Truth Ministry, in Lebanon, Pastor Renalda Hayek said in an interview recently: “I am here to tell you that after participating that you will be so motivated to work for the kingdom, you will change the world and this is our season. You will benefit from the knowledge, from the expertise, from the blessings, from the grace from the anointing. We have set our objectives, we will change Lebanon, change your countries, change the world!

From the Netherlands

Pastor Marlien Lawend, from New Creation Life Ministries, in Amsterdam, Netherlands has also testified saying: “I am so excited about the Ladies Ignite Conference. I was there in Canada and it was phenomenal. It was so beautifully designed by the Spirit of God and we learned deep truths as the women of God shared so many truths of the Spirit with us. We left that place ignited, on fire, with increased vision, focus, and increased graceful ministry. As God will always do things bigger, better always from glory to glory, I know that this conference is going to be even better. It is going to be more impactful and I am excited about every result that is going to come out of this conference for me as a person and also for our ministry. So, I am preparing for it and am determined to receive everything that the Spirit of God has designed for me to receive and I know that I will run and I will fly with it. Hallelujah!”

She continued by saying: “I want to say a big thank you to our Man of God, Pastor Chris, who makes all these things possible for us, who always gives us the opportunity to be trained and taught by the Spirit of God, by the Word of God. So, Pastor thank you so much for investing so much in us, and also a heartfelt thank you to Pastor Deola Phillips, the director of ISM. See you all on the LoveWorld Nation. Pastor Deola, thank you for always believing in us, and believing in us as women, and pouring out in us. So, ladies, get yourselves ready, it is Ladies Ignite Conference!! Make sure you register, invite somebody else, prepare and let’s have a beautiful time in the presence of the almighty God. God Bless you!”

From Australia

ISM Cell Leader and Senior Pastor of NUMA Ministries, in Australia, Pastor Narissa Coleman had this to say: “This is my first time being involved in the Ladies Ignite conference and I am looking forward to hearing from many powerful women of the Gospel. The ISM has many women around the world who know how to bring the Word of God that has been taught by our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I am looking forward to hearing from them, being encouraged by them, gaining knowledge and insight into the Word of God by these powerful women of the Gospel. I would like to thank Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for this opportunity.”

From Burundi

Pastor Chantal Inamahoro, of New Creation Ministries, in Burundi, a senior pastor, and leader of the church, testified: “I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to this phenomenal conference. At the last conference in Canada we enjoyed the conference with the women of God, Pastor Deola Phillips taught us about how women must be influential, we must be prayerful, they must have the Word of God in them. They need also to be guided by the Holy Spirit. If you are influential you are able to win souls. When I came back from the conference it was phenomenal. I have received the impactation from the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and I was able to organize a conference for around 200 women coming from around 20 churches and they received also impactation because I gave them the whole information that I received in Canada with the first women conference.”

From North America

From Richmond, Virginia, USA, Bishop Janice Best, Senior Pastor of New Covenant Fellowship Family Worship Centre, testified: “I am delighted and excited to come to you about the upcoming Ladies Ignite Conference, you don’t want to miss it. We were blessed that Pastor Deola organized an awesome conference with the Holy Spirit and the anointing was upon the women on the platform with Pastor Deola, Pastor Joy, Pastor Sandra, and Pastor Josephine, it was phenomenal. The women gathered with such love and fellowship of the Spirit that the impact of the information we received was awesome. We came back and we impacted on ministries, businesses, and everything we had anything to do with we did it in the spirit of wisdom and increasing madness.”

“I am looking forward to the scheduled conference that’s going to be online. I know that the Lord is going to be increasing the wisdom and knowledge of those who are going to be speaking so that we can take away from that conference information that will cause us to increase in every area of our lives, that we fall short in no gift. Our God is so glorious, He is so blessing us by sharing with us, through these women of God those things that we need to know to manage in an excellent manner all things concerning our lives. I look forward to what is going to happen, I look forward to the impartation, I look forward to the increased wisdom and knowledge to take back to my ministry, to put forward in my business, to speak to my children, and to organize them in such a manner that they are fearing the Lord and walking together in faith as a family.”

“We bless God for Pastor Chris for allowing us to come together online, and we know that he is always looking out for God’s people, and we know that everything that he does is done in excellence and there’s always an increase in it. So come together with us and be blessed by the Ladies Ignite Conference, you don’t want to miss it!”

Be a part of these many wonderful and powerful women at Ladies Ignite Conference 2021. Friday 17th & Saturday 18th September 2021 Time: 6:00 PM (GMT+1), daily Ladies Workshop on Saturday, 18th September at 12:00 PM (GMT+1). Spread the news and invite female ministers to attend. Register here for the free online conference.

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