“Take Advantage of the Opportunities We’ve Been Given This Month” says Pastor Chris

“The Lord has graciously given us this opportunity for us to have even this month of October as the ‘Month of Visualization‘,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome remarked, explaining its importance in these times, at the October Global Communion Service earlier this month.

“I believe that there are some key things that many haven’t taken advantage of, for which reason the Lord is pressing further,” Pastor Chris cited as he continued embellishing on the Word of the month. “Remember, September was also the Month of Visualization. Teaching further on the subject, the man of God explained the power of visualization, cautioning the saints to avoid exploiting the principle for lustful gains, lest they make wrong choices.” He admonished the saints to always see from the Spirit with a heart of purity.

“God wants us to see the unseen,” Pastor Chris emphasized as he spurred the saints to take advantage of the opportunity we’ve been given this month, to further exercise the power of visualization God has graciously blessed us with.

Whatever circumstances you are in, just see pictures of what you want, and you will come out victoriously, Pastor Chris has said in an expose on Visualization. God wants you to elevate your vision some more this month.

Rhapsody of Realities

In today’s Rhapsody of Realities, Pastor Chris talks about the power of prayer. There are certain situations you may face and all you have to do is pray once, and that’s it, but other situations may call for persistence in prayer. He explains that there is so much evil going on in the world today and the plan of the enemy is to set up the world of the antichrist before the time. He expands on that by saying: “The Bible says the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available. We will keep pressing in the spirit, overturning the decrees and activities of darkness.”

Pastor Chris continues by saying; “God has never thought Satan is a problem because He gave us authority over demons and the powers of darkness. The problem, for the most part, has been that some of God’s children focused more on personal gains instead of the faith to save men. Our world would surely be a better place if we would focus more on the souls of men in fervent prayers, intercessions, supplications, giving of thanks, and preaching the Word.”

Affirmation Train

“I declare that the Spirit of God has enlightened my heart and caused me to grasp and walk in deeper realities of the kingdom, I am the light of the world and there is no darkness in my life because the light of God’s Word has illuminated my life, the entrance of God’s Word brings light and understanding to my spirit.”

Divine Health Confessions

“I function and operate from God’s Kingdom, where there is no sickness, weakness, or lack. I live in this Kingdom now, and I function in dominion and authority from above. Not only do I enjoy the divine life from the Kingdom of God, but also I carry its blessings everywhere I go, manifesting the glory of God.”

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