Take a Look at the 2018 Future Africa Leaders’ Award Winners (FALA)

Meet the new winners of the Future African Leaders Award (FALA)


The Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation, a visionary initiative created by the LoveWorld President inspires hopeful young individuals to better the lives of youths across the continent. This year is no different. Here is a list of young men and women transforming the continent of Africa from Future Africa Leaders’ Award- FALA 2018.

Isaiah Deng – Star Prize winner of the Future African Leaders Award

The 20-year-old FALA winner from South Sudan has been pushing sustainable development in his community. As a participant of the Global Youth Leaders Forum (GYLF), he organized conferences which aimed to restore peace to his country that was ravaged by war. Deng also helped the GYLF to develop an outreach program for IDP’s (Internally Displaced Persons). With several projects other under his ‘belt’, such as youth development programs and his training seminar named “Acquire Skills for Your Future”, Deng is representing his country of Sudan in nation-building.

Maame Yaa Addae-Mensah

The 22-year-old youth Ghanian leader was integral in the creation of a new communication device for the blind and deaf. Through her initiative, she managed to reach over 200 impaired individuals and improve their lives. Her innovative work has also inspired educators to rethink how they teach the hearing and seeing impaired children. Ghana should be proud!

Chris Iyama

A Nigerian UN ambassador for World Peace and founder the Centre for Youth Participation and Advocacy in Africa (CYPAAFRICA). CYPA AFRICA encourages African youth to take part in political and judiciary processes. In 2018 he helped run the #TheNotTooYoungToRun campaign that facilitated the passing of a constitutional amendment bill to reduce the voting age limit in Nigeria. A true leader of Nigeria!

Lantante Barthelemy Dounmongue

This 22-year-old Niger Republic native has inspired over 1000 young people to embark on humanitarian projects. His motivational program ‘I am educated’ toured 7 different high schools in the region. In addition to that, he created a club called Ambitious Generation in which he offered guidelines on self-employment and work success. As a future civil engineer, Lantatae he is a model worker with a great mind

Dahaba Daniel Sakho

Through several self-started apps, This rising computer and science engineer has impacted on his community in many way. His apps include; a transportation app that has resulted in improved punctuality, a medical aid app that generates crowdfunding and enables patients to request medication and much more . Sakho’s commitment to community puts in him good standing with his fellow FALA contenders.

Deliwe Makata

This 22 year old Malawian powerhouse has helped contribute to the empowerment of women with her organization, Women Inspire. The organization currently has branches in 3 African countries; Malawi, Kenya and Ghana and has empowered over 6000 women. Another one of her many initiatives is the Big Sister Project, which addresses Human Rights advocacy, career building and skill development. She is certainly an inspiration to thousands of girls

Goodwin Egba

This 20-year-old undergrad from Nigeria has been advocating for quality education and sustainable development. He initiated Defining True Leadership- DTL, program that pushes for academic excellence among kids. Egba has affected the lives of 12 000 Nigerian students through his community projects and study programs. Godwin is an exceptional role model in his community.

Nagassa Merlin

This bold youth leader has mobilized hundreds of young people to carry out days of service. His efforts have helped many young kids who were born in war-torn Cameroon. By organizing donations, he has supplied the needy with things like; inflatable camp shelters, non-perishable foods and sanitary products. He has also established a project to supply schools with learning materials and tools. The 23-year-old from Cameroon is an exceptional leader with a great understanding of the power of education.

Taonga Ngoma

This 19-year-old passionate Zambian teenager has spent years of her young life caring for orphans and at-risk youth. Through her educational efforts, she and her team from Odevuca Community School managed to renovate 4 classrooms. The project was even televised on Zambia Nationa Broadcasting Corporation.
She also headed a girls seminar for orphans. There she addressed critical issues that affect girls in Africa today, such as early marriage and sexual abuse. Ngoma is leading Africa with her torch of hope.

Yusuph Nyamuhanga

The 21-year-old Tanzanian native began the Sickle Youth Foundation (SCYF), an initiative that provides screening tests to Sickle cell patients. His effort have reached over 55 000 people ranging from students, corporate businessman and church members. In addition, his research program SPARCO is operating in 3 African countries Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria. He is an exceptional leader doing wonders for his community.

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