Start Your New Life in Christ Today with Pastor Chris and the Healing School

Since its inception, the Healing School has brought healing, restoration, and salvation to many, through the love and compassion of Christ demonstrated in the healing ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Through faith in the Name of Jesus Christ, the blind receive sight, the lame are able to walk and the oppressed are set free. Terminal illnesses have been altered and destinies transformed forever.

Project Oasis

The Healing School is an oasis of divine health in a world plagued with all kinds of sickness, disease, and infirmity. A place where hope comes alive, where tragedies are turned to triumphs; a divine respite for the hurting.

By partnering with Project Oasis, you will be working with the man of God, Pastor Chris to build a 10,000 – seater Healing Center Auditorium with all the latest facilities that provide the necessary comfort for the sick and hurt to receive that divine touch from God that will give them a brand new story. This is an opportunity to make divine healing possible for thousands and millions more around the world. You can partner with Project Oasis and begin a journey as a builder with God in ministering healing to yet another person in need.

The Healing School Cyber Church

The Healing School Cyber Church is an online community specifically designed for you to help grow your faith in God through highly inspiring and interactive online meetings held weekly. The Cyber Church allows you the opportunity to be taught the word of God by the man of God, Pastor Chris, interact with other people, invite your loved ones and also win souls to the Kingdom of God. Members of the Cyber Church are able to connect to live services through any device wherever they are, and the Cyber Church brings the divine presence of God directly to you, your home, office anywhere.

Foundation School of the Healing school

Knowledge marks the difference between success and failure. To have a successful Christian life, you require the basic knowledge to equip you for this walk with God. As is the purpose of the foundation school because, it is here, at the foundation school, that you will be taught the basic doctrines of Christ that’ll equip you for the higher life in God and work of the ministry.

Healing for your Body

Pastor Chris, in a recent sermon, explained: “It’s easy for many to accept that when a man confesses to the Lord Jesus and believes that God raised Him from the dead, he is saved. But they find it difficult to accept that, by the same token, that man is delivered from sickness. If the salvation of your spirit is that simple, why do you expect healing for your physical body to be complicated?”

“For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:10)

Our Man of God expands by saying: “The Bible tells us why confession is so important. It says, “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation.” This means, with your spirit, you believe and are made right with God, but it’s your mouth that catapults you into salvation. But believing is where a lot of folks have stopped. They say, “I believe, so I don’t understand why things are going wrong in my life.” The problem is, there’s something you have that you haven’t used right – your mouth.”

Pastor Chris continues to say: “The Bible says, “With the heart, man believes unto righteousness…” You’ve believed and have been made righteous, but that doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy the fruits of righteousness. Believing is not enough; you’ve got to use your mouth to enjoy the benefits of salvation. I tell people, “Talk God’s Word more than you eat.” This is so vital because your mouth was not given to you for eating, drinking, and talking to other people. Your mouth is the instrument given you to worship God, chart your course in life, and control your body”.

He goes on to say: “If there’s a problem in your body, start using your mouth to correct it. Say the same things that God has said. Get up in the middle of the night and talk the Word. When you wake up in the morning, continue speaking God’s Word. The devil may try to worsen the situation, but just keep talking. The harder things look, the more you ought to talk; the bigger the problem, the greater will be its fall before you. God has already shown us the way the law of faith works. First, you believe, then you speak (you say what God has said that you believe in your heart), and you can expect changes to occur. That’s how faith works; you keep believing and speaking. You don’t stop until you receive your miracle, and when you have it, you move on to bigger challenges with your faith. You can be sure that you’ll get the same results all the time because faith is a law! No matter what the condition is in your body right now, just keep talking God’s Word. That’s the path of victorious living in Christ.“

Pray for Salvation

Start your new life in Christ today by saying this Prayer of Salvation, and believe with all your heart:

“O Lord God, I come to You in the Name of Jesus. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. I believe that God raised Him from the dead and I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from today. I receive, by faith, remission of sins for my soul. Right now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I receive eternal life into my spirit. I am born again!”



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