Spreading The Word To Millions

The teachings from our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome are meaningful for our generation today. We must use all mediums possible to share his wisdom as he has taught us so much about Christian living.  The words he uses are impactful to many people from young to old as these words become testimonies of the grace of God. LoveWorld Network, satellites, Television, and Radio means that millions of people are listening to Pastor Chris, making him the Pastor to the world.

The Gospel has saving power and the God of heaven is in all of us which is a message Pastor Chris has preached to us. People are excited for the preacher of the nations, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s message.

There are so many powerful testimonies of change and healing that will help you strengthen your belief. When you share testimonies, people listen and think that if the Lord can impact or give experiences to those people maybe I can be impacted too. With Pastor Chris reaching so many people on a global scale, it is a chance to be enraptured by the message of the Man of God.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Sermons Guide us to Glory

When we do our Christian duty and preach to those who have not heard about the Gospel we have a responsibility to bring their souls to a heightened awareness of their Christian life. Soul winning is something that is important to Christians and in order to be able to win souls Pastor Chris implores us all to understand the Gospel so it can be explained to lead souls to salvation. For the past 20 years, Christ Embassy has had the help of  ‘Rhapsody of Realities’ to share and spread the true message of the Gospel.

Many of the teachings and sermons of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome fill the listener with the Holy Spirit. He reminds us to “take advantage of your privileged position as a child of God in truth. Let the qualities of God’s personality be evident in your character and daily living.”

“For newly won souls it is important for them to be received into God’s family. Many times we preach and we don’t receive the people into the family of God. They should live consciously in the kingdom of God and they must be brought into the awareness of their new place and home and that they are now in God’s family.”

When a Christian is reborn and mentored they will take on the mantle of soul-winning as they are brought into leadership. Pastor Chris in his sermons inspires us to mentor them and bring them into positions of leadership that they may be blessings to others. A mature Christian soul will take some responsibility for the ministry.

The work of soul-winning is not done until that individual we have won has grown to a level of maturity where he or she has taken the responsibility of winning others to the Lord. In raising others, we teach them to spread the Good News of the Gospel just as Jesus taught His disciples to do the things that He was doing. Jesus also charged them to teach others. The sermons of Pastor Chris provide profound wisdom and are a key to enlightening our understanding of the need for soul-winning and maintaining the souls brought to Jesus Christ.

Preaching or Explaining the Gospel

Pastor Chris makes it clear that there’s a difference between preaching the gospel and explaining it. Preaching is announcing the messages in the Bible. There is a real skill in explaining these announcements or benefits that we get when we accept Christ in our lives.

You can’t explain the Gospel if you don’t understand it. There’s a difference between preaching the Gospel and explaining the Gospel. When we preach the Gospel, we tell people what Jesus came to do which was to “give us liberty from sin, disease, infirmity, darkness, death and the devil.” Through this, we will get to know about the “blessings, inheritance, righteousness, healing and all that Christ has made available.”

Pastor Chris teaches us that we must understand the Gospel and be sure that it’s the true path for all of humanity. In a ‘Rhapsody of Realities,’ he says, “Your personal understanding of the Gospel is very important because your life would reflect “your gospel.” Your gospel is your perception of what Christ came to do, and the import, impact, and relevance of that in your personal life; that’s what will form your message. So, if you don’t fully understand the true Gospel of Christ, you’ll preach the wrong message.”

He reaffirms the idea that “when one believes in his heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, the righteousness of God is imparted into that individual, but he is only catapulted into salvation upon the confession of the Lordship of Jesus.”


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