Spreading The Word Of The Man Of God To Millions

Pastor Vale Odu- Thomas introduced a special event in the Month of Ministry. CeTunes held a Global Online Listeners and Viewers Conference. This is a chance for us to celebrate the Word of God that we have received from the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Pastor Vale reminded us we have a mandate for our voices to be heard. In this Month of Ministry, we must use all mediums possible to share Pastor Chris’s teachings as he has taught us so much about Christian living.

Meaningful Ministry Far And Wide

His teaching is meaningful for our generation today. The words he uses are impactful. He preaches to many people from young to old and these words become testimonies of the grace of God. Pastor Yemi Akinwunmi explained that this conference was a chance to gather the testimonies of many people who have received the spirit of God. Television and Radio mean that millions of people are listening to Pastor Chris making him the Pastor to the world.

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Some Of The Pastors Who Heard The Message Of Pastor Chris On TV

There were many exciting and inspiring segments introduced by panelists. Pastor Tuokpe Edun of North Central Zone One explained that through the platform of television and radio several more millions can hear the words of Pastor Chris. He said that the Gospel has saving power and the God of heaven is in all of us which is a message Pastor Chris has preached to us. The message has been translated int ten locally spoken languages and transmitted into the homes of many people. If you spread a message in a common language the Gospel is more meaningful for new souls.

Those Who Heard The Man Of God On Television

Pastor Louis Osademe of Uganda heard Pastor Chris on TV and vowed to make a demand for change from Jesus. He received his miracle and then went to join the Christ Embassy. He is now on 13 television channels and 34 radio stations in Uganda and Rwanda and Suriname. He said that people are calling the stations after listening to the programs and saying what has been done for them in the name of Jesus. So glorious is the impact of TV and radio.

Pastor Sammy Annistar also watched LoveWorld TV and after being inspired was sent to Malawi. There he uses TV and radio to emit the words of the Man of God to millions of viewers and listeners. He thanked the production team for the high quality of the programming. That excellence keeps the viewers gripped to the transmission of Pastor Chris’s teaching. The influence of radio is important in his ministry. He was excited to announce that Malawi is getting Loveworld TV. In Malawi, there is TV time for the ministry and the viewers are excited to hear the word of God.

Testimonies Heard In All Four Corners Of The World

That message is that people are hungry for the preacher of the nations, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Through these mediums of TV and radio, this message can be heard in any language. There was a call to translate, transcribe, sponsor, proofread the messages of Pastor Chris. In order to expand his message, there is a call to use your skills to make the message relevant. In order to take the gospel to the corners of the earth effectively, it should be done in the language of local communication.

Pastor Chris Shares A Moment
Taking A Moment To Listen To The Words Of Pastor Chris, The Man Of God

There were so many powerful testimonies of change and healing that will help you strengthen your belief. The true impact of reaching into the lives of people in remote areas was heard during this conference. The message can go even further if it is fought for. When you share testimonies, people listen and think that if the Lord can impact or give experiences to those people maybe I can be impacted too. With Pastor Chris on so many channels, there is a chance to take time to be enraptured by the message of the Man of God.

Watch this engaging conference right now. Be part of the global community of Christ Embassy wherever you are through the medium of television, radio and online. Wherever you are in the world you can have the divine inspiration of the Gospel whenever you want it. Download these apps from our platforms and you can find inspiring television and radio programs whenever you need them.


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