The spread of the Gospel at APOC


ISM Ministers elevated in Kingdom Consciousness at APOC 2107

The recently held All Partners’ Online Conference with Pastor Chris was a landmark convergence in which partners saw our Man of God, Pastor Chris. Partners came from all over the world to attend this epochal event! 

Ministers from the International School of Ministry were not left out as many joined from different time zones. They made prayerful preparations in order to attend this life changing event and be equipped to make an even greater impact for the spread of the Gospel in their respective nations. Hundreds of ministers, along with their brethren, church leaders, and important members of their congregation, participated in this live event from 55 nations and territories around the world.

Some of the countries where ISM Ministers participated included Australia, Vanuatu, Italy, Sri Lanka, India, Cyprus, Switzerland, Kosovo, the United States, Tuvalu, Fiji, New Caledonia, Latvia, the United Kingdom, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Libya and a host of other glorious nations.

Enthused ministers listened closely with rapt attention as the Man of God, Pastor Chris, shared precious insight on Kingdom Consciousness. He preached about the passion that should drive our thoughts and actions as the participants assumed their positions as major influencers for the Gospel around the world. It was a truly transformational time of enlightenment and empowerment.

Indeed, the fruits of this transcendent meeting will be seen in an even more gloriously impactful way through the lives of many as the Gospel gains the ascendancy around the world. Glory to God!