Spiritual Healing from the Esteemed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


The Time for Healing Has Arrived with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Reverend Chris Oyakhilome of the Healing School is currently hosting the autumn session of the Healing School in Johannesburg, South Africa. This faith-based gathering presents an opportunity for thousands of people to embrace Christianity, and receive healing through Jesus Christ. Offered as a free service to Christians in need of healing and miracles, the Healing School welcomes attendees from all over the world. Pastor Chris preaches the Word of the Gospel, and it emanates from his very core. He is a pious man who lives by his words, and performs God’s work as his solemn duty. He advises Christians to actively guard against the advances of Satan, and to embrace Jesus in their everyday lives.

Love Yourself, Love God and Be Healed! Autumn Session Now On

Pastor Chris has been warmly received by ministers currently in South Africa. He firmly believes that all people should treat their bodies with care, respect, and love. He implores all those who are not saved to accept the Word of Jesus Christ. Pastor Chris seeks blessings and love for all those in attendance, and in need of ministering, healing and miracles. The autumn session of The Healing School is attended by a myriad of guest ministers from all over the world. The energy that envelops the auditorium when Pastor Chris arrives is awe-inspiring. His unbelievable ability to channel the healing power of God through his words and hands has captivated the attention of the masses.

‘Hallelujah! God is Great !’

The jubilation, ecstasy, and excitement that characterizes his healing sessions is unprecedented. The arena rings out with chants, of ‘Jesus Christ is Lord… I Surrender to his Word’, and ‘Blessed be the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.’ Pastor Chris’ healing sessions are accompanied by vociferous chants and rejoicing – as a tidal wave of healing is administered to those in attendance. People anxiously wait for the humble man to enter the auditorium, and his larger-than-life presence engulfs the atmosphere.

Cleansing, healing and relief comes to all in attendance. When the Word is evoked, people with afflictions find themselves miraculously cured. Diabetes, headaches, heart disorders, backaches, and other stress-related ailments are put on notice. Men, women and children who could never walk suddenly stand up and walk, in the name of Jesus. It is an incredibly remarkable sight, made more astonishing by the reality of his ministering sessions.

Truly Remarkable! Patience Nkomo and Kelvin Kudakwashe Healed!

For Patience Nkomo life was grim indeed. She was unable to walk and diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus as well as kidney failure. After she attended The Healing School with Pastor Chris, her life was restored. Much the same is true with Kelvin Kudakwashe who was struggling to stand upright, and diagnosed with lumbar disc degeneration. As a veritable cripple, he gave faith a chance with The Healing School and is now able to walk again.

Many such stories abound of miraculous feats, and it is thanks to the ministering work of the humble miracle worker. He has been lauded as a modern-day Mother Teresa; endearingly referred to as Reverend Chris of The Healing School. There is nothing ordinary about his faith healing – Pastor Chris is the Lord’s vessel and his work is extraordinary. God is good – praise God. Hallelujah!