Shared Testimonies of Spiritual Healing with Pastor Chris

The Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome have become a hub of hope, miracles, and outstanding testimonies for myriads who have participated from around the world. God’s healing power spread out across the globe through the revolutionary Healing Streams Live Healing Services with world-renowned healing evangelist Chris Oyakhilome, which took place from Friday 12th of March until today, 14th March.

Hosted by the Director of the Healing School in the LoveWorld nation, Pastor Deola Phillips, these special live healing services have sponsored utter joy and relief through various healing ministrations administered by senior ministers of the LoveWorld nation.

The LoveWorld President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who rains God’s healing power on thousands gathered in the Healing School regularly, has graced the Healing Streams Live Healing service, as the whole world through an online connection, joined the Man of God.

“My 11-year-old daughter got healed of acute abdominal pain last night when the Man of God, Pastor Chris was ministering healing to the global audience. She noticed that the sharp pain left her immediately after the Pastor started praying. No more pain; she’s completely healed.” – Testimony from North America

“God is amazing! I was healed of heart palpitations, body stiffness, chest pain, cough, and migraine headache.” – Testimony from South Africa

“As I participated in the service last night, I discovered that the lump on my leg and finger had disappeared. Praise God!” – Testimony from Durban, South Africa.

“I have had a problem in my eyes for about 20 years now. I couldn’t stare under any colored light. Rays of light feel in my eyes like a sharp arrow. The doctor had said my retina is rough, the part of the eye that receives light rays is rough. While participating during the service yesterday, I decided to pull off my glasses and stare at the light in the auditorium. And to my surprise, I felt calm and cool in my eyes. Hallelujah!! I completely healed.” – Testimony from Nigeria.

“I usually squint whenever I am watching the screen on a TV or Laptop. But as Pastor ministered last night and asked us to put our hands where we needed healing, I laid my hands on my eyes, expecting a miracle. When Pastor was done, I opened my eyes and I felt different like a weight was removed from my eyes. Hallelujah, I am grateful to God for this healing. I can look at the laptop now without squinting”.

“While I was participating in the meeting, precisely when the lady who was healed of the bells palsy was sharing her testimony. I felt something moving away from my head, I thought it was the scarf or something else leaving my head. So I touched my head and found it wasn’t my scarf. So I concentrated on the meeting… I haven’t been able to sleep for years without taking sedatives. When I got home this time I decided not to take my medications (sedatives). To my greatest surprise, I slept off, slept well, and did not wake up intermittently till it was morning. This is the very first time in many years I’m experiencing this. Apparently, I received my miracle during the program, it was something that left my body all the time I was thinking it was my scarf. I’m healed. Glory to God. Thank you so much Pastor sir for the opportunity to participate in the healing streams”. – Testimony from Sis Teitei Dogboere from Bayelsa.

This has been a very special time of miracles in the presence of the Lord at the largest ever healing crusade to be witnessed by the world. Join the Healing School at for the latest news, testimonies, and updates.


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