Rhapsody of Realities is no Ordinary Book

Rhapsody of Realities is a classic love-note from God to you, with the message of life. It is also referred to as the “Messenger Angel,” this daily devotional is a life guide designed to enhance your spiritual growth and development by bringing you a fresh perspective from God’s Word every day, through our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome; dedicated minister of God’s Word whose message has brought the reality of the divine life to the hearts of many.

With features like the day’s topic, a theme scripture, the day’s message, the daily confession, and the Bible reading plan segment, it brings the richness of God’s Word into the lives of millions on a daily basis. It is also the most widely translated book in the world.

Not only is Rhapsody of Realities a study guide, but it’s also an important evangelical tool that has been adopted by individuals, and churches around the world for effective soul-winning. Through the devotional, the Lord has opened up the nations to the Gospel, with millions receiving salvation upon contact with its divine message. Miracles abound when we pray!

Confessions & Affirmations

Pastor Chris teaches that “Life produces for you a harvest of what you say, and here, there’s no middle ground. As a Christian, you must keep talking; if you want to live in health, talk health. A life well lived, a successful life that pleases God is one that achieves those things God destined you to do. Therefore, bring Him glory by being effectual in leading men to righteousness.”

He goes on to affirm: “Dear Father, I thank you for giving me the opportunity and ability to influence those in my world with the Gospel. I go forth today, in the fullness of the blessings of Christ, impacting my world with your grace and righteousness, turning men from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, in Jesus’ Name.”

Make the Most of Your Daily Devotional

Set aside a quiet time to focus and pay attention to the daily topic. Try not to study on the run, and practice reading it at the start of the day to set some kind of structure to your day.

Speak out the confession or say the prayer out loud, as this is the only way they’ll produce results in your life, by allowing the words to get into your spirit.

Don’t mumble the words to yourself because they’re potent words that will cause changes if you use them the right way. Decide upon a Bible study plan and stick with it diligently and consistently.

Make up your mind to follow the counsel and instructions proffered in the devotional. Have faith and watch your life transformed, always desire to get more from your Rhapsody of Realities because there’s so much more in it than you’re getting already.

We Do Not Pray in Vain

Our prayers go a long way to effect the changes we desire.

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