Relive The Heat Of LIMA 2019

There were so many amazing performances at LIMA 2019. Gospel music fans are still humming the tune…’ hotter than fire’. We are still dancing in our hearts and smiling because we saw the best gospel music show to date.

LIMA performances 2019

Rap Nation

Rap Nation git us up on our feet and we danced to the beat.

Performing ‘E Da Work’

Samsong had the audience singing in tongues and praising the Lord. He also won the award for “Video of the Year” for ‘E Da Work’.

Ur Flames danced their ministry

Uptempo, upbeat and with a strong uplift is how we can describe Ur Flames at LIMA 2019. This duo gave us an inspiring performance.

Frank Edwards sang from the heart

Gospel music can evoke so many emotions. They can be praise songs or worship songs. The one thing they all have is an inspiring message delivered in musical form. Frank Edwards’s ministry is one of the most evocative gospel ministers to come out of LoveWorld Inc.

Israel Strong delivers a moving ministry

Israel Strong is a gospel minister who has been spreading the message of Jesus Christ for many years.

Testimony Jaga and his worship partners

The ministry of Testimony Jaga and his ‘Gospel Street Crew’ has gone from strength to strength. This was one of the most impassioned performances of the night. We were taken to new levels during this ministry.

The LIMA Awards 2019

Beat Female Vocalist Pastor Ruthney

Choen from a list of sonourous songbirds this year Pastor Ruthney was honored with the prize for ‘Best Female Vocalist’.

Eben is so happy to win ‘Best Male Vocalist”

In a competitive category, Eben triumphed. He was most surprised at his award. His performance showed us why he won the ‘Best Male Vocalist’. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is always astounded by the depth of the notes he can reach.

CSO and Jeanine are crowned ‘Best Collaboration”

‘Musical Collaboration of the Year’ went to CSO and Jeanine for ‘Higher Life”. These amazing singers have worked with some of the best artists in the gospel music business. We look forward to future collaborations

Pure joy from Joe Praize

The ‘Hit Song of the Year (All-Stars)’ was the aptly named ‘Joy Overflow’ By Joe Praize. He was moved to tears to receive his award. He moved the audience with his heartfelt thanks to the Man of God, Pastor Chris for giving him a platform to perform.

Best Newcomer

Password’s performance with Tru South made us want to see more of this worthy winner of ‘Best Newcomer.’

Pastor Saki

‘Theme Song of the Year’ was ‘Lights’ by Pastor Saki. This song will help us end the year strong.

The awards keep coming for Testimony

He had the ‘Hit Song of the Year (Proto-Stars)’ with ‘Gone For Life’ and was the ‘Artiste of the Year’ where will he go next?

UK Band are hotter than fire

The ‘UK Band’ won ‘Song Writer of The Year’ -All-Star category. Their songs ‘Shining’ and ‘Everything’ are both winners in the ‘Best songs’ category. They are “Music Band of the Year” who have the ‘Worship Song of The Year’which is ‘Everything’. On top of it all an amazing performance from these accomplished gospel musicians.


Her song ‘Overflow’ was awarded ‘Song of the Year’. There are no words that Sinach could find to thank Pastor Chris for his guidance and support. She is one of the most influential gospel musicians of our generation.


Blessing the Korean delegation

The ceremony concluded with a rendition of Sinach’s award-winning gospel song, ‘Overflow’. Pastor Chris gave out beautiful blessings. He also left us with the tantalizing thought that next year’s LIMA Awards will be even better.


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