Prayer Is How We Approach God Says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The opportunities to pray should be taken every time they present themselves. In Pastor Chris’s sermons on prayer, he tells us that ‘our spiritual life depends on our communication with the Lord’. We can pray by ourselves or in a group. When we pray in a group there is fellowship with God. It is something to enjoy daily.

Learn about the depths of prayer

There are many teachings found on Pastor Chris Digital Library. This online library has a vast collection of inspiring sermons from the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. His teachings are not only edifying but they give a perspective on the value of spiritual life. Prayer is an important part of our spiritual life. Prayers come at the end of sermons.

Prayer maintains inspiration

As Pastor Chris says the need to keep praying helps maintain that fervor. There is a glow that comes with praying. If we keep on praying the power that the prayers have will be maintained.

The idea is developed that we should meditate on the Word of God. That repetition of the words is important as that is how the Word stays in your mind and spirit. Then, as you pray, the Glory of God will remain in you.

Prayer keeps you focused

“Teach me your way, Lord that I may rely on your faithfulness give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name.” When we pray we give all our attention to God. Pastor Chris suggests that one should keep a diary of prayer. This will track what you pray about.

Pray for others’ spiritual growth.

The developing of a spirit of prayer comes when prayer means a lot to you. Pastor Chris says that when praying for your brethren’s spiritual growth you are on another level. It is a continual action that should form part of your very being. You should pray for yourself too. Pray that you to continue to grow.

Raptured prayers inspired by a sermon of Pastor Chris

Continued prayer

” I always pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may grant you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation into the true knowledge of Him for we know the Father through the Son “(Ephesians 1:17). Reflecting on this quote Pastor Chris tells us that the word always is important in this prayer, that we must continue to pray.

Prayer is an integral part of our lives. Pastor Chris tells us why prayer is needed. The idea that the human mouth must pray but how do we pray. He goes on to tell us to speak in tongues because our mind needs to be directed and focused on God. Use your mind to focus on what is needed. If you need further focus uses your tongue and speak about what is needed. Glory to God.

In this sermon Pastor Chris goes on to say that when we pray, we are filled with the Holy Spirit. It helps us come into the fullness of Spirit. When people come together, we pray for victory together. Prayer helps us win victories. Prayer is your work. In order to do this Pastor Chris advises us to “set your heart on the ways of God,” this will create the right circumstances for the emotions of prayer. Then you yield yourself to the Holy Spirit can pray through you.

Prayer opportunities

Easy to follow instructions to join in online prayers with Pastor Chris

When we hear about the terrible tragedies that occur in the world, we are reminded that the prayers we offer hope for peace and tranquility in the world. There are opportunities to join in these prayers. Christ Embassy Church has an app called KingsChat and if you download it and follow Pastor Chris you can join in the prayer sessions.

There are many other opportunities to pray both privately and communally. Why not join in the Global Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference on the 29th and 30th of November. You will find a link here.

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