Prayer Festival and Communion Service with Pastor Chris

In a year that has been crowned the ‘Year of Perfection,’ the first Global Communion Service revealed more prophecies and a deeper understanding of the scriptures that define and expound them.  Our dearly beloved Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome guided us further down the path that will lead us to a state of perfection.  There lives will be altered and uplifted for the better.

Pastor Chris opened the global audiences’ eyes to the amazing things that were achieved through the power of the Holy Ghost. This service was a day of revelations of the amazing achievements of  Christ Embassy and its members. He urged us to be, “consistent with our calling”  noting that your talk will not work if it is not consistent with the message as taught to us through the Gospel. He explained that “we have ‘The Healing School’ because God said to do it not just because we had to do it. We do things from divine calling.” The Healing School is consistent with the calling of God.

“Your participation in ministry blesses you”

What are your expectations in the Year of Perfection

There was a dynamic discussion as Pastor Lanre Alabi, Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka and Pastor Deola Philips were invited to discuss their expectations of the “Year of Perfection.” The overwhelming beauty of this discussion took in the amazing achievements of last year. They recalled that no amount of programs could have been so impactful in one year. The only way it could have happened was that it has to be from the Holy Spirit.

There was tremendous excitement for the new perspectives and the new grace we are being ushered into. Tensions are at an all-time high as everyone is looking forward to being a part of the ‘Year of Perfection.’ There is no telling what will be but God has brought the LoveWorld Nation to this point. The Divine Spirit is working towards perfection. It was concluded that if anyone listens to the message with the examples given they know that there has been Divine Truth.

When God wants to do more in your life, he increases Grace

There are endless possibilities by the power of the Holy Spirit. In the ‘Rhapsody of Realities‘ Pastor Chris taught us to,” Consciously acknowledge that you’re full of grace, surrounded with divine favor everywhere, and every day. You’ll be amazed at the increased blessings and manifestations of the Spirit you’ll experience in your life.”

His Word is my greatest joy

Reflecting on our purpose in life and how the Gospel brings us to a Godly life we have to acknowledge that our joy is to bring others in and we are blessed to be a blessing. Our mission is to stimulate and bring others in. We have to take the message out and bring others in. Pastor Chris has given further understanding on how that perfection is going to work with us this coming year.

Perfection- how will it work with us

Listening carefully at in Port Harcourt and taking notes about the Year of Perfection

The four important elements of perfection. Firstly there is an ‘Alignment’ that has to do with framing and mending. You are being brought into God’s perfect will, thoughts and purpose. Without being aligned with God’s perfect will, thoughts and purpose, you cannot walk in it. Alignment is brought about by preparation and equipping.

This leads to Completeness or fullness from the Plero which means to be made full. James 1:4 says ” But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” Once you have the sense of being perfect and lacking nothing it can lead to Excellence.

The ‘Excellence’ is to be above all others. Pastor Chris says it gives the idea of growth because of its relativeness. You are awakened to who you really are which is a perfect being made after God. “Perfection has been wrought in our spirit. It’s nature- when you walk in it you will awaken to it.”

The awakening Pastor Chris talked about is ‘Fruition’ meaning, bringing all that you are involved in to a state of perfection. Pastor left us with the tangible thought: “think what joy you will have when your plans come to fruition.”

Pastor Chris Oyahkhilome concluded the Global Communion with a prayer for the health of the nations. There is much joy to look forward to in the coming year as this communion service was for “preparing the body for the work of saints.” The ‘Year of Perfection’ is now in the conscious mind of the world.

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