Pray for a Massive Harvest of Souls With Pastor Chris and the LoveWorld Ladies Network Online Prayers

Every year on International Women’s Day we celebrate the increasing impact women have had in areas of society across the globe. Last year’s theme was that an “equal world is an enabled world.” Equality is not solely a women’s issue, but an issue that is essential for economies and communities to thrive. A gender-equal world can be better-off and more cohesive, preached our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

In September 2020, the LoveWorld nation hosted the largest life-changing event for women in the LoveWorld nation-themed ‘Ladies Advance’. The unique event witnessed the inauguration of the LoveWorld Ladies Network, which is an arm of the ministry aimed at building, raising, and equipping ladies in ministry for Kingdom leadership.

One of the highlights of the conference was a special message from the President of LoveWorld Inc., Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, marking the birth of the LoveWorld Ladies Network. In his words, “from here, our ladies will take the next steps forward; a glorious future awaits us in serving the Lord and taking His message to the ends of the earth. From here, the relevance and power of the female member of the body of Christ will be demonstrated, manifested, exhibited for God’s glory. I congratulate you on this inaugural conference.” With these special words from the LoveWorld President and all the inspirations received during the conference, LoveWorld ladies set to advance in impacting their world for Christ.

On the 19th of February 2021, the Loveworld Ladies Network will be having a one-day prayer meeting online to effect global changes in line with the Will of God.

“We will be praying fervently for our #lln24hoursonlineprayer We will Thank God for guidance, direction, inspiration, ideas, and innovations of the spirit. Through this program, we will be launched into greater levels of exploits in the kingdom accomplishing and surpassing every set goal and target by the power of the Holy Ghost and none of our expectations for this online prayer will be cut short in Jesus’ name. We need to thank the Lord for the oneness of mind as we pray and strategize towards a spirit-filled and remarkable program. We must continue to declare that there is unity of purpose and that the visions of our man of God, Pastor Chris are actualized during this program. We pray that the aim of this program is brought to fruition and every objective met in Jesus’ name.”

“Great things happen when ladies pray” – Pastor Chris

Prayer Guide for the Ladies LoveWorld Network 24-Hour Program

For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). Thank the Lord for the vision of the Ladies LoveWorld Network. Declare that every LoveWorld lady is fulfilling God’s mandate. Make declarations concerning the impact of this program. As we pray, gates are open before us. As we pray, visions are turned into realities As we pray, we cut off hindrances and uproot negative influences. Thank the Lord for victories all around.

Make Declarations About the Planning for the Program

Declare that grace abounds towards us as we plan and strategize. Cut off every weight and distraction. Pray for every Loveworld Lady; declare that our expectations will not be cut short. Pray against distractions. Every minister/facilitator is functioning in the fulness of the Spirit. They will minister life and grace to their hearers in Jesus’ name. Declare that there is an outpouring of souls into the kingdom.

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it (Psalms 68:11). Thus says the Lord; Like a mighty army, we prevail. Our voice is being amplified in all the nations of the world. For the Spirit of God is upon us and has given us the victory. For that which was impossible, has become possible with us. No force is strong enough to stand against us successfully.  We stand tall with the mandate and everywhere we go, God’s presence and our ministry vision are established. We go forth in the Spirit and in the power of His might. Go forth rejoicing. Grace abounds.

Thank the Lord for a mighty outpouring of The Spirit and the manifestation of the presence of God in every viewing center. Thank the Lord for diverse miracles as a result of this program. Declare that the hearts of many will be yielded to receive. Declare that there would be resounding testimonies that will usher in more souls from all around the world. Declare that through this program, our fame will spread to all the corners of the earth. Our testimonies are spreading everywhere Glory to God! Hallelujah.

Become a Woman of Influence

Through the programs and projects of the LoveWorld Ladies’ Network, more doors are opening in every city and nation to reach more women with the gospel. We are praying that every program organized in the various zones and ministry centers will impact greatly on the city/nation/region and the impact will significantly bring about more cells and outreaches in our churches.

Become a woman influencer and make your impact on our world

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