Praise-A-Thon Reveals The Principles Of Living In God’s Kingdom.

To have a three-day Praise-A-Thon in the month of December is a blessing the global audience will be giving thanks for. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn greeted the live audience and welcomed Bishop James Payne and Pastor Dan Willis to the set. The life-changing messages from these anointed ministers reached the four corners of the globe igniting the souls of all who heard. The blessings are broadcast live on LoveWorldUSA.

Soul stirring ministry from Bishop James Payne

With many powerful prayer segments and moments of glorious worship, the keys to living in God’s Kingdom were turned in the hearts and minds of the global audience. Bishop James Payne reminded us that “anointing transcends cultural and religious barriers.” When you are a Christian “you can do anything, you want to do.” He reminded us that Moses’ brought out people with silver and gold.’ He continued the analogy by asking “How many of you were like me when God brought you out?” When he went to his “first service I got the Holy Ghost. I gave my last money to the church and the next day my brother gave me his car.” The message that giving is a blessing we have rang through all the segments.

How should you function in the Kingdom of God?

Pastor Benny Hinn reminds us that we should be looking to “God and the Heavenly Kingdom. Be prepared for the future and look up.” There are difficult times ahead and he says everyone is shaking and it is an indication of the coming times of trouble. “Do not be terrified-look up.” He reminded us we are not to be concerned as we are God’s people.

We are born to be blessed as we are a covenant people.  God made a covenant with us. Pastor Benny read Psalms 89:34 ” My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips.” Luke said, ‘fear not”. Do not let fear grip your heart.

Pastor Benny read from Job where it says ” In famine, he shall redeem thee from death: and in war from the power of the sword. Thou shalt be hidden from the scourge of the tongue: neither shalt thou be afraid of destruction when it cometh.  At destruction and famine, thou shalt laugh: neither shalt thou be afraid of the beasts of the earth. Praying for the needy- every seed comes with an instruction.” The message is, “don’t worry about tomorrow, he holds tomorrow in his hands.” God will let us laugh in the face of adversity as we will have supernatural joy. God wants to bless us so we have to trust and obey his Word.

The message from Pastor Benny Hinn to look to God was heard

Pastor Benny Hinn wants us to know who we are in the Kingdom of God. We are covenant people and cannot be defeated. Praise be.

Pastor Chris concludes by edifying the nations

Pastor Chris asked us to, “Start walking in the favor conscious.” The idea that “God has given you all things when you give you experience a new dimension of receiving. This is your action time.” Pastor Chris sang a song written by his father, “Grace enough for eternity Grace flowing from Calvary Grace enough for me.” This timely message of the eternal Grace from our Lord and Savior has the global audience waiting for more. We are blessed to have two more days of uplift at 10 am GMT+1 and 6 pm GMT+1 each day. Tune in to all LoveWorld TV stations or log in to and

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