Praise-A-Thon: Day Two’s Teaching’s Delivered With Love

The second day of this powerful Praise-A-Thon the international audience was inspired by amazing worship. Your soul and spirit were fortified by the ministry of the UK Band. LIMA winner Eben was also in the studio to provide extraordinary moments of song. Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, Rev. Ray Okocha, Pastor TT Edun and Pastor Ambrose Isesele were on set with Pastor Dan Willis and Bishop James Payne.

Pastor Willis invited  Bishop Payne to sing for the global audience. The lyrics of his blues-inspired hymn spoke of the amazing teachings that were to come. “Promise coming down your dusky road. No matter what you are facing there is a promise coming from his holy hands.” That powerful song about healing and love set the tone for the day.

Pastor Dan Willis filled the people with a love that was powerful and uniting because the “Loveworld prayer warriors, I guarantee they will pray for you and run the devil out of your house. They pray like nobody else.” Rev Tom said, “you can feel the impartation and there is so much grace we are climbing higher and higher.”  There were prayers from 60 nations pouring in.

Bishop James Payne- Minister of Sowing

Bishop James Payne preaching on sowing our needs

In an extraordinary impartation, Bishop Payne said:” It’s not the seed that moves God, but the faith that’s wrapped around that seed.”He went on to explain that ”The seed in the natural has to wait for the right season, it has to wait on the soil.” The analogy went further because,” In the Kingdom, there is waiting on the seed. Everyone that sows into the Gospel will get a hundredfold.” These are important thoughts for a believer who gives.

He went on to say, “If you want to give, God will put a seed in your hand. He gives seed to the sower. God meant what he said, men will give to you when you give to God. If you keep showing what you don’t need, you ’ll keep reaping what you can’t use.” It is clear that you are exalted when you give to God and the Kingdom.

Pastor Dan Willis -Minister of Honor

Pastor Dan Willis said, “LoveWorld knows how to celebrate- and there is so much love.”He loves the Ministry and all who walk in the way of the Lord. He was so inspired by what Pastor Chris had said that he said: ” I went back to my hotel room and Jesus came to my room I gave and got a miracle.” He recalled a time when he was so poor. His prayer for everyone is to be debt-free.

He went on to say “we are not fundraising but teaching that the standards in the kingdom of God are prosperity.” Inspired by this he recalled Proverbs 3:9 “Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops.” He recalled that when he reconnected with his father he saw something astonishing. It was because he freely gave his honor to his father is now preaching the gospel in a turnaround. It is the giving of honor to all that activates honor from heaven.

Evening thoughts with Pastor Benny Hinn

Growing through the Church at The Praise-a Thon

Keeping us focused on the essence Pastor Benny Hinn said “Your giving is equivalent to your worship. It’s not about the money, it’s not about Pastor Chris, it’s not about me or even LoveWorld, it is not about prosperity,” The essence is “it is about Jesus. If truly you love Jesus, He will give us more than we can ever receive.” There is no truer statement.

Pastor Chris on the acting on the Word.

Pastor Chris said that” we must have a practical approach to the scripture. Was God’s word as good as a law? Is it dependable?” This is a profound thought-provoking question. He answered us: “Yes! Salvation has a formula! A formula is a conventionalized statement that expresses a fundamental principle. This is the practicality of the Gospel. Believe with your heart.” The global audience was captivated by this idea.

“There is a formula for salvation, it works for everyone. Believe with your heart and confess with your mouth. Proclamation, affirmation was made with your mouth. If you don’t say it, you will never be catapulted into salvation works for anyone, all you need is to believe and say it with your mouth, how important that is. The proclamation of Jesus is the only way to being translated from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of God’s dear Son.” Pastor Chris tells us how to act on the word. Pastor Chris wants to hear testimonies on how your life has turned around. This is doing God’s Holy work.

The global audience anticipates that the third day of the Praise-A-Thon will bring forth untold miracles as powerful testimonies are shared over the phones. Kindly tune in to   or  or or at 10 am GMT+1 and 6 pm GMT+1 to be inspired and uplifted. The love from LoveWorld is overflowing.

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