Phase 7 of Season 2 Takes to the Airwaves of ‘Your LoveWorld Special’

The special live broadcast of ‘Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris’ took to the airwaves last night with the new phase 7 of season 2. The choir opened up the session with glorious song renditions, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also lead the congregation in a session of worship to God in songs.

Pastor Chris lead the global congregation to effect changes in their cities and nations using the name of Jesus in prayers. ”The way to destroy these evils in the world is to use what we have in the spirit and we are going to use it.” He went on to say: ”When we speak in other tongues we give instructions to Angels and this is the strategy for taking our cities and nations.”

”As a child of God you must cultivate a love for God’s Word; cultivate a passion for God’s Word,” Pastor Chris charged the global congregation on the first day of ’Your LoveWorld Specials’ Season 2, Phase 7. “Let the word of God become so important to you, get consumed in it and you will be amazed at what God’s word will do for you, in you, and through you. Your life will go from glory to glory – that is God’s plan! Jesus didn’t come to set up a religion, He came to raise sons of God!”

On ‘Your LoveWorld Specials’, the man of God, Pastor Chris, continued to unveil faith-building truths from God’s Word, granting participants boldness and courage to take charge and live above fear in these perilous times. ”The only Christian that ever gets defeated is the Christian that is not living in the Word and to live in the Word is to live the Word,” he said. ”God wants you to take His Word and march on from success to success, from victory to victory. He gives you the grace to accomplish His purpose for your life”

Season II of ‘Your LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris’, climaxed with Phase VII, yesterday, Monday, October 26th at 7:00 pm GMT+1 (2:00 pm EST ). The highly anticipated telecast will continue till Friday, October 30th beaming live daily to a global audience via all LoveWorld TV Networks and various internet platforms.

Consequent to the global events witnessed in the nations of the world this year, 2020, the ‘Year of Perfection‘, many seek answers to pertinent questions in their hearts in the bid to douse the fear that has ravaged the entire world, with the COVID-19 pandemic. Pastor Chris reassured participants around the globe that “the global crises in the world today, gives us the opportunity to put the Word of God we’ve been learning into practice.”

As this new phase of ‘Your LoveWorld Specials’ gets underway, many people around the world are eager to learn more from God’s Word as Pastor Chris teaches. It will be a period of glorious worship to God, prayers, and enlightenment on global events in relation to Biblical teachings to be expounded by the LoveWorld President.

”Until you receive the Word of God into your spirit and endorse it, it cannot produce results,” Pastor Chris to the global congregation on day one of ’Your LoveWorld Specials’

Tune in to any LoveWorld TV station or log on to at 7:00 pm GMT+1(2:00 pm EST) daily to participate live.



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