Phase 4 of Season 2 Promises a Greater Global Impact

The highly anticipated ‘Your LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris’, Season 2, Phase 4, kicked off yesterday and will continue until Sunday, August 23rd. It will be beamed live to a global audience via all LoveWorld TV Networks and various internet platforms.

Participants from around the world have already taken part in the highly successful first 3 phases of this second season, revealing insight into the mystery of Christ, the mystery of the Word and the mystery of the Spirit unveiled from scriptures by the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome. People of all ages, social status, race and even religion, have been greatly impacted by these special series. Many have also been hauled into God’s kingdom daily as Pastor Chris endeavors to make the call for salvation before the close of every session.

Day 1, Phase 4, Season 2

During the first day of this new phase Pastor Chris calls on government leaders to face the sole purpose for which they came into government and reject instructions given to them by the deep state. Pastor Chris addresses these issues on YourLoveWorld specials. Every government needs to wake up and question what God expects from us. “We are in a position now of responsibility, here’s where we have arrived, we are going to grow from where we are now to another level from where we have obtained a place where we must now decide the next world order. The new world order is going to come from us.”

Pastor Chris emphasized 3 important things: prayer, ministry and protaganism. This new world order is going to come through us, we are bystanders no more, and until we recognize the Word of God we will be a victim. We did not come this far to play the victim. We are going to use everything that God will teach us to produce the results that god expects of us, we need to live the word and experience the Word, otherwise what use is it?” PC questioned. “Get enraptured in a stirring time of worship as the man of God steps in. God has brought us to a place where we can recognize deception and not fall for it.” Pastor Chris found early on in his life that Jesus Christ is reality, continuing that  “His word is truth and dependable, absolutely dependable, hallelujah!”

As he continued on the journey of the mystery of Christ, the mystery of the word, and the mystery of the spirit, Pastor Chris shared with us what God is expecting us to do, and that is to produce results and alter the circumstances in which we live. “We are not victims we are victors!” he proclaimed.

“The bible tells us in Daniel 7:25, that the spirit of the Antichrist is already in the world, Antichrist himself, the man of sin, the man of lawlessness is not here yet, but the spirit of Antichrist was responsible for closing down churches, seeking to do exactly what the Antichrist would do, that is to wear out the saints. But right now he cant do it, he cant wear us out” Pastor Chris proved when he declared “that we got stronger by the day, because God knew what was coming and he positioned us for such a time as this!”

This phase promises to be a period of glorious worship to God which will yield greater global impact. There will be a provision of Bible-based answers to questions posed by participants from around the world, together with prayers and enlightening teachings by the man of God, Pastor Chris. Tune in to any LoveWorld TV station or log on to at 7PM GMT+1(2PM EST) daily to participate live. You can also watch live via the LoveWorld News.

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