Pastor Chris: Tune into the Holy Spirit

We are surrounded by sights and sounds all day long. From the moment you hear your alarm, to the sun rays bursting through your window, to the click of a kettle, to the honking and traffic lights of your journey to work… You get the picture. We are flooded with a constant stream of commotion and images. How can one filter out the excess and truly focus on what is important? Pastor Chris tell us just that.

In order to ‘zone in’ and listen, one needs to hear the Holy Spirit. This is the guiding light that directs us on to the righteous path and puts us in touch with the Lord Almighty.

Pastor Chris begins by asking us, where the Holy Spirit actually is.
The Holy Spirit lives in all of us, Pastor Chris exclaims that because of this, we are all automatically, by God’s design, “supernatural.” Yet, somehow, as the man of God points out, unfortunately, not every Christian is a victorious one.

“Why doesn’t every Christian always win, always live in Victory?” Pastor Chris poses this very difficult question. Is it not simple? We must ask ourselves, If I am supernatural, and the Holy Spirit is truly inside of me, then why am I not winning as a Christian?

If this is the case- what is actually preventing us from being the victors we hope to be? The man of God explains that it is not a matter of the Holy Spirit being present or not, rather, it is a matter of simply listening to the Holy Spirit. If one cannot listen, then one cannot require the message he or she needs. If one is not receiving the message, then there is simply no result.

The man of God tells us that there while everyone has the necessary tools to listen, not everyone knows how to listen. The man of God teaches us that the message is out there, loud and clear, but there are some who are simply not hearing it. Pastor Chris says that “not so many know how to listen to him, not so many know what to do to be able to hear him.”

The President gives the example of how one watches the television channel of their choosing.
“You tune the channel to that station, you tune to the channel, if you don’t tune to that channel, you’re not going to get it, now just because you’re not getting the signal, doesn’t mean nothing is coming from the station, you’re just not tuned to the right station or channel”.

The man of God equates the changing of the television channel to the tuning into the ‘voice of the Holy Spirit. This astonishingly wise allegory allows us to truly grasp the power of the Holy Spirit and sheds a light on how it is ultimately in our power to hear its message.

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