Pastor Chris Shakes Up the World Again with Healing Streams

The Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a special, free, online program designed to bring divine healing to everyone that requires healing for their bodies. The program is scheduled to be held from the 29th – 31st October and be broadcast live on all LoveWorld Networks around the world.

“When you’re born again, Jesus guarantees you something far better than healing. Healing something far better than healing. Healing is for the whole world. But when you’re in Christ Jesus, what He gives you is divine health,” Pastor Chris explained at the last Healing Streams Live Healing Services in July.

Proof in Testimonies

Participating in the Live Healing Services from Brunei, Evangelist Erlinda had great expectations for a touch from God. She had had lumps in her breast for two years. She attests: “When the man of God said to place hands where we needed healing, I put my hands on my breast. Then, suddenly, the mass was gone! From that time until now, I haven’t felt any pain.”

Tovia suffered from a skin disease that irritated her skin and caused severe itching, which resulted in wounds when she scratched. The condition defied treatment and her parents’ efforts to find a solution proved null and void. During the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris in March, Tovia received her healing when the man of God declared healing for children all over the world. Today, Tovia’s skin is perfect. No more itching, scarring, or bruising!

Ten-year-old Amarachi Musa testified: “Ever since we had that prayer for 1hour my life has changed. I have seen many miracles to the people I love and care about. My faith in God has grown stronger like never before and I give thanks to the father at work in me.”

God Loves to Heal

Referencing Acts 10:38, the man of God expounded: “God loves to heal. He never made men sick; it’s the devil s the devil who did that. In this meeting, God is right there where you are. It doesn’t matter where you are participating from, He is there with you.” The man of God ministered healing to the sick with compassion and firm determination. First, he attended to a few who were present in the auditorium. Next, he ministered to some who were participating at home, in hospitals, and other places via video conference. Then, he instructed the audience to place their hands wherever they needed healing as he prayed, declaring all infirmities healed and every disease gone, casting out demons of affliction, and pronouncing wholeness to all. Instantaneous miracles restored peace and joy to many, giving cause for much celebration and rejoicing in families and communities across thousands of cities in every nation across the globe. Exhilarating shouts of joy and victory celebrations earmarked every place where people were participating in the program. There was a flood of miracles everywhere. Deaf ears were unstopped, the lame walked, blind eyes popped open, skin conditions cleared, cancers and growths disappeared, and all manner of infirmities were dispelled in an instant.

And now, it’s time to shake the world once again for Jesus! Find faith and inspiration for your miracle at the October 2021 Healing Streams Live Healing Services. Don’t miss this opportunity for a divine impartation. Register now and receive your free gift from Pastor Chris.

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