Pastor Chris Prophetically Names December ‘the Month of Gathering Sheaves.’

Pastor Chris just declared December as the ‘Month of Gathering Sheaves.’ Reading from Psalm 126:6 and Genesis 37:7, the man of God, Pastor Chris explained the concept of sheaves — a bundle (often, of crops).

What Does This Mean?

“Go find the things that God gave you in the year and [gather] them together,” Pastor Chris said.” The President encouraged all his Loveworld citizens to pay special attention to the Spirit of God in this month, saying that everyone must review their ideas and thoughts that they have received from the Lord.

The Supernatural Year is Ending

Pastor Chris also mentioned that the Lord will indeed take into account your riches of this month and that the Lord will open the brethren’s eyes to see money and other sources of income in different places, investments that they had overlooked. This ties in perfectly with the previous month, as it was called, according to the man of God the Month of Celebrating Our Riches’. As we come to the end of 2018, it is always a good idea to take into account our wealth and resources. This year, in particular, the ‘Year of the Supernatural’ has brought a wealth of blessings.

Gather the Sheaves

In this month of ‘Gathering Sheaves,’ it is also important to take stock of what one has. It is also important to try to see if we have progressed. As the year comes to an end, try to keep perspective. Remembering previous months, even in previous years. It can be interesting to see where one was last year in life.

Last December was the Month of Benediction 

Last December, Pastor Chris dubbed it the ‘Month of Benediction‘ A benediction, Pastor Chris explained, “is a prayer of blessing, usually not for yourself but for others.” This, he said, after reading several examples of benedictions released by the Apostle Paul unto saints in Thessalonica, Ephesus and Galatia, including the popular blessings declared on the Corinthian church: “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.”

Fill your life with words of blessing, which you pour on others,” Pastor Chris admonished the global audience, referencing the month of October in which we were conscious of receiving blessings, but now instructing us to “give blessings!” Brethren around the world received the word with excitement ready to spread the blessings of God throughout the earth.

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