Pastor Chris Inspires The Youth Of Our Community

Pastor Chris Oyakhimome illuminates the path for us to follow. Going out into the community and spreading the Good News of the Gospel is the mission we have in life. It is because of Pastor Chris’s investment in the souls of the youth that there are many young people coming to God through Christ Embassy. The Global Youth Leaders’ Forum is a youth initiative established for nurturing young people for global leadership. It’s a dynamic network with the primary objective of helping youth.

Impacting all over the world

Amazing uplift at the Blaze conference

There was an amazing three-day program teaching British teens how to take action in our world as children of God. Participants were fired up during ‘Blaze 2020.’ The GYLF Retreat was to inspire ambassadors from ten major cities in the United Kingdom. It started on a high note as the ambassadors journeyed to Kennington to be imparted to burn more for Jesus.

The climax of the opening session was the special and inspiring message from the Highly Esteemed Coordinator of the GYLF Pastor Rhoda Olusina titled ’Developing a Personal Drive and Passion’. It was a true blessing for these young people to have their minds engaged and focused on the passion for the true work of the Kingdom of God.

Taking this fire and sharing it around the globe

In this report, we will read how the GYLF impacted Macedonia with the Gospel. This is a historic country that has been referenced in scriptures. Now it has been filled with the vision and mission of the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum. Ambassador Joan Agyeman from the United Kingdom went to Macedonia a special mission trip to collaborate with other ambassadors to reach more youths for the Kingdom of God just as Apostle Paul was summoned to preach the Gospel there in Acts 16:9.

Out in the community with GYLF

“And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us.”

They held a special outreach program in the city of Kumanovo where she encouraged the youths to dream big and believe in their future irrespective of the economic situation in the country. Sharing from Jeremiah 1:5, she urged them to trust in God with wholehearted devotion. At the end of this outreach in Kumanovo, she encouraged those she met to go out into more cities and to organize a mega-conference that will bring youths from every city together. The agenda of the GYLF is spreading fast in Macedonia and it will not slow down as the Gospel will be spread to every nation.

Praying around the clock

Many chapters of the GYLF have participated in the Pray-a-Thon with Pastor Chris. Young people from places as diverse as Cameroon, Columbia, Seychelles, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Namibia,  Norway, Turkey, Madagascar, and India have prayed with fervor to make sure there are non stop prayers being said. This mass participation from the GLYF is a testament to the importance of bringing up young people in the Kingdom of Christ.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome knows that giving young people the right platform will succeed in all their endeavors. Investing in the youth and giving them the mandate to become soul winners builds a strong foundation in every city for Christ Embassy to be established and keep growing. To read about further impacts of GLYF in the community click here. Wherever you are in the world the GYLF is impacting.

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