Pastor Chris Finds a Way to Battle the Common Enemy

The Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, hosted 4 successful, life-changing ‘Global Days of Prayer‘ this year, where he prayed with millions of people worldwide on the LoveWorld Networks. This special 24-hour prayer marathon changed the destiny of nations all around the world.

At the final session of the Global Day of Prayer, the 24-hour marathon of praying and fasting, the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said: “We get excited that we are going to pray because we get answers. We are ready to transform the world. God did not ask us to pray for nothing, He asked us to pray because He wants to answer. Through our prayer, we usher in the reign of righteousness, justice, peace, and safety in the nations. We bring healing to the nations and speed up the propagation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world.”

The Power of Prayer

Our Prayer makes it consistent for God to do whatever he would want to do, which it was inconsistent for him to do had we not prayed. Through our prayers, we realign the world to conform with God’s master plan and reassign the desolate heritages. The Global Day of Prayer is a special time of healing and miracles. As we pray together with our Man of God, Pastor Chris, the Healing Power of God is strongly present to Heal all that are sick and afflicted.

The ‘Global Day of Prayer’ has been described by many as ‘the largest ever global prayer event,’ as the unique quarterly prayer program brought together millions of people to teach Christianity and the preaching of Jesus Christ. The events were hosted by Pastor Chris who was joined by many senior pastors from around the world, including long-time friend and colleague, Pastor Benny Hinn, as he continued to emphasize the need for Christians all around the world to bond together in prayers for the Church and the nations of the world in these last days.

The world continues to battle several challenges, including the socio-economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, it has become imperative for Christians to join forces and overcome these challenges. Unfortunately, there are only a few platforms that provide the opportunity for people in different parts of the world to pray together to fight a common enemy. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has found a way with the ‘Global Day of Prayer.’ The plethora of platforms available for people to join the prayer event and the testimonies from participants over the years has helped to increase the popularity and acceptance of the ‘Global Day of Prayer.’

Over 5 billion people joined in the ‘Global Day of Prayer’ which was broadcast LIVE on all LoveWorld Networks as well as several terrestrial TV stations, radio stations, and internet platforms, providing the perfect opportunity for the saints to fulfill their intercessory ministry. , with tons of people in different parts of the world participating in the program experiencing remarkable testimonies from the past editions of the revolutionary program.

Global Communion Service

Be transformed, renewed, and refreshed as you join Pastor Chris for the final Global Communion Service of the ‘Year of Perfection‘, on the 6th of December. The Man of God will reveal the theme of the month which will take this year to a conclusion.

It will be streamed live to all the LoveWorld Networks and Web/Mobile platforms. Participate through your preferred TV, Radio, mobile, or web application/ website/ social media platforms,,, LiveTV Mobile App.

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