Pastor Chris: Don’t Be Guided by Ethnic Influences. Be wise!

The man of God has spoken on the upcoming elections, calling upon the nation of Nigeria to think carefully about who they vote for


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has commented on the ethnic allegiances’ voters have with their presidential candidates. Traditionally, voters support Igbos while Hausas usually support Hausas. Pastor Chris explained that choosing presidents like this not ideal and the consequences can often be rather disastrous. The public must understand that a leader is much more than his regional and ethnic influences.  “I want to say this to you, and it’s very important. Don’t be guided by ETHNIC influences. Be wise! The elections have something to do with your LIFE & your Future.”

Who is a True Leader?

When choosing a presidential candidate to support, Pastor Chris demanded that Nigerians should take into the take into consideration a number of factors, one of them being the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is their duty to choose a candidate who is representative and will act in accordance with the gospel. Pastor Chris declared, “When it comes to elections, the first thing you think about is about the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. What would happen to it? Because it is in your hands. Your decision would affect the Gospel. That’s the first thing that should come to your mind. – Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness. That’s priority.”

That being said, the Christ Embassy president noted that not every leader who proclaims to be ‘born again’ is necessarily the right choice for Nigerians. Pastor Chris recalls the historical suffering of the church at the hands of men who have declared to be Christians.

Think Carefully

Pastor Chris implored citizens to carefully examine how the previous government had failed the nation. The man of God addressed all Nigerians saying that the person who is most capable, is the person thinking about the economy. Pastor Chris argued that “You need a government that understands how to make the economy grow. Because when you elect people into office they are responsible for managing our corporate wealth.”

Recognizing and awarding the accomplishments of these men and others like them, reinforces the message that Pastor Chris delivered about the elections and the need for a government that prioritizes the future of Nigeria.