Pastor Chris Declares Prophetic Word for November 2018

According to LoveWorld News report, just moments ago, the BLW President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, announced the new prophetic word of the month as ‘the Month of Celebrating Our Riches’!

He said this at the many congregants who listened attentively, referencing the scriptures in Psalm 66:10-14 where David says, “Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place.”

The many rejoiced at the announcement of the spirit that this month holds. The global audience, led by Pastor Chris by divine instruction were told to their pledges and vows to the Lord ” brethren rejoiced in this declaration of the Spirit concerning the month.”

As we usher in a new month and very soon, a new year, Christians now take the time to reflect on the time that has passed. The month of October was the Month of Instruction. This month brought in an air of great discipline. During this time the man of God stressed emphasis on the strict practice and dedication to the scripture.

“Instruction is the act of imparting on knowledge, so that one may perform an act with knowledge, expertise, dedication and discipline. This transmission of information is the ability to produce solutions. When we talk about instruction, we are referring to the transmission of knowledge from God to man. The Lord is our guide and He is instructing us from moment to moment.”

Love-world News
Love-world News

The month of riches is clearly very fitting as we recently Pastor Chris spoke of how prosperity, saying that all Christians have a “joint-heir with Christ” and this means that “all His assets and estates are yours, as much as they’re His; you own everything He owns”- definitely an exciting notion.”

This makes November an extremely exciting month filled with new prospects and exciting opportunities. The month of riches of course also happens to be when Believers Love World’s biggest events and ceremonies take place. Events such as the IPPC, The Translators’ Network International Conference and the LIMA awards, among many more colorful happenings draw thousands and thousands of people from around the world creating a frenzy of spiritual upliftment around this time of year.

It is no wonder why this month was declared to be the ‘Month of Riches’. Pastor Chris has indeed blessed this glorious month.

Amen and happy November!

For more information regarding this month’s events, click here!

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